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Screen Innovations Screens – Awesome In Action

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Screen Innovations Screens – Awesome In Action

High-Performance Projection Screens – incredible screen innovations

We are often asked why we are pundits for certain brands in the AV industry, why certain brands stand out to us, and why you, as the end-user should choose one brand over another.

One brand that we love to promote is Screen Innovations, the industry’s leaders in high-performance projection screens.

We have absolutely no shame in recommending these screens to our loyal followers, knowing that the price is well worth the payout when you consider the end result. These screens are simply the best that there is, and if your budget allows, your Home Cinema will be a cut above the rest with a Screen Innovations screen installed.

Three Screen Innovations screens stand out for us as best suited for our client’s needs: Black Diamond, Slate and Slate Acoustic.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond projector screens are made using materials that deliver an unbeatable visual experience in almost any type of environment, regardless of the lighting conditions. The screens make use of technology that rejects ambient lighting, thereby eliminating the need for a dark entertainment space.

This means that, unlike with other projection screens on the market, you can enjoy your favorite movie in just about any lighting conditions.  Paired with the correct projector, you are able to achieve a massive 120″ UHD, 4K picture quality screen.

The features that allow Black Diamond screens to remove ambient light, also prevent so-called ‘light-spill’ – that being the light that reflects from your screen and bounces back off of ceilings and walls, again adding to the extreme quality of this screen.


screen innovations

This screen is a high contrast, dedicated cinema screen that displays vivid colours and exceptional detail. The picture quality is out of this world, and if you are looking for a projection screen, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Thanks to its flexible chemical makeup, the multi-particle Slate material can roll tightly and stretched when necessary.

Slate Acoustic

Slate Acoustic was created to give customers the best of both worlds; the best image and the best sound. It delivers image uniformity and remarkably sharp image reproduction by managing the texture pattern down to 9 times finer than standard white or grey materials.

Still not sure which screen best fits your needs? Well, we are here to help. Contact us at Sound X Perience for all the advice you could need to ensure that the product you buy, is the one best suited to your needs.

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