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Home And Business Security Just Got A Whole Lot Smarter

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Home And Business Security Just Got A Whole Lot Smarter

South Africa – A Beautiful Country

It’s undeniable – South Africa is the best country in the world – beautiful beaches, wide-open spaces, animals, and the people make our country a true gem! But we have one major hindrance to our growth – Crime! And to be honest, can you ever really have enough security when it comes to those you love the most?

Dahua’s AI Cameras

Our friends at Dahua have your needs in
mind, and have developed the latest in CCTV technology, where simple playback
is not nearly enough – welcome to the new world of Artificial Intelligence
security solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology
brings a new level of video surveillance analytics to the security industry.
Dahua’s deep learning algorithms enable AI devices to perceive and learn the
environment so when something abnormal is detected, authorities can quickly
respond before a situation arises. The first devices within the new AI Series
include front-end cameras and back-end storage for facial recognition and a 3D
people counting camera.

Artificial Intelligence Cameras Are All You Need…

Enabling superior situational awareness,
improved response time and pro-active video surveillance – these systems are
all you need to make sure that your family is safe from the world’s nastiest

Able to record the number plates and faces of all visitors to your home or business, the Dahua system is unique to the security environment in that it is easily accessible for residential clients. Cameras that are able to recognize and record emotions, and later playback all feeling certain emotions, make for simple identification of potential suspects, or just a bit of fun.

Superior situational awareness is enabled
whereby known offenders or estranged family members can be added to the
database so if they approach the premises, an alert is triggered. Dahua’s
algorithms pinpoint multiple areas of interest on a person’s face for deeper
analysis. Their facial feature filtering displays only those faces that meet
target criteria with up to 98% accuracy. Stranger mode also detects a face not
stored in the database and triggers an alarm, takes a snapshot or records the
face for further scrutiny.

The system can also provide better business
intelligence by improving customer service by setting rules to send alerts
when, for example, cashiers’ lines are getting long.  It will alert you to the situation to be
addressed. People counting helps determine the flow in designated areas and
aids in running a more efficient business.

Detailed Surveillance Analysis

On a larger scale, the Dahua system is able to capture human characteristics and enables proactive searches to improve critical incident response. If a child or person goes missing at your place of business, a description is provided to security who can search the database for specific identifiers like colour of clothing. The system extracts and categorizes features including age, gender, expression and whether the target wears glasses or sports facial hair. It offers real-time filtering of human faces. The data collected can be useful in identifying trends to improve business or providing better search protocols for missing people in public settings.

With Dahua’s AI technology, your home or
business security can be among the best in the world – a true gift to your
family and customers is a country where security is a currency and your safety
is your wealth.

Want to know more about these or our other security offerings? Contact us today.


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