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Smart Home Automation Ghana
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Akwaaba to Sound X Perience Signature Smart Homes – your home of world-class custom home cinema systems and home automation integration (including lighting and security automation).


Everything Else In Your Life Works For You Why Shouldn’t Your Home?

Imagine a world of endless possibilities, where an entire environment could be controlled at the touch of a button. 10 years ago, this would have seemed like the plot of a Hollywood movie, but today it stands as a possibility for every beautiful designer homes in Ghana.

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What Is Home Automation?

Have you ever wondered what home automation is or what it can do for you? The answer is simple… Imagine flawless convenience in your home in Ghana – where your lighting, entertainment and security are all automated to your unique lifestyle.
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Whole Home Automation – What You Need To Know

Automation is a system installed into your home, either during the building stages, or retrofitted after the time. Smart Home Technology, or Home Automation, coordinates the technology in your home into one streamline system. Automation is then customised to fit your unique lifestyle through an interface that is easy enough for your family to enjoy.
With the touch of one button on your Smartphone, you can dim the lights, play music, lock all your doors and arm your security system. Whole Home Automation can also be designed to respond to your schedule and/or needs, without touching anything at all. 

A Home’s Heart Is Visible Through Lighting

Lighting Automation is the most visible aspect of your Smart Home, it is also the most common form of automation. Lights can be automated into specific moods or scenes enabling your home to go from ‘date night’ to ‘movie night’ at the touch of a button on you smart device. Lights can also be set into a sequence that will see your lights switch on and off in a certain, pre-programmed sequence. The possibilities are limitless as the automation is designed to your unique needs. 

It’s Not Just Lighting It’s Art In Action

Imagine walking into your home after a long day at work; you push that button, and what happens is so much more than what you have Xperienced before – it’s art in action. We learned over the years that lighting is key to a beautiful home design. Your home is an artwork, an artwork that can be taken from pointless to Picasso with beautiful lighting.


Ah, a Home Cinema – what could be more dream-worthy? Sitting in the comfort of your own smart home, lazing in a state-of-the-art cinema seat, munching on fresh, home-made popcorn, and enjoying the latest Hollywood blockbuster…

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The Cinema Xperience Is Everything

When it comes to home cinema, xperience is everything. It’s what you’re looking for and what we aim to deliver. Watch this short message to learn more about the home cinema xperience…

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Working With Some Of The World’s Most Trusted Automation Brands

Home Automation is designed to maximize your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind, and of course, your entertainment. Sound Xperience integrates professional smart home systems using only the most trusted automation brands. We are currently one of the top home automation companies, working closely with home automation manufacturers. We strive to create custom designed smart home systems, to give you whole-house control.

Certified Dealers

Sound X Perience are certified and accreditted dealers of Control4, Elan Systems and Crestron.

Control4 – Diamond Dealer

Control4, a leading provider of personalized automation and control solutions, allows you to control virtually any device in a home or business, automatically.


Elan are specialists in audio-visual, automation and control systems for residential and commercial applications.


Crestron Electronics has carved the path for technological innovation since 1971. Crestron creates automation solutions that transform the way people live their lives, making their day-to-day tasks easier and improving efficiency and productivity.

A Word From Control4 Africa

If you’re looking to find out a little bit more about the ins and outs of home automation, watch this quick message from our experts…

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So What Can Home Automation Do For You?

The Answer Is Simple: Anything You Want It To… Whole home automation is a World of endless possibilities. When creating a smart home, the sky is the limit. There are several ways we can integrate automation into your everyday life. We will create a custom solution for your specific needs. Here are some additional home automation options available to you:

Multiroom Audio

Multiroom Audio enables you to play sound from different sources to different zones in your home without compromising on quality. Don’t confine the enjoyment to one room, when every room in your home can have its own soundtrack.

Alarm and CCTV

Alarm and CCTV Integration is especially useful for the security conscious. Your alarm system can be automated so that the moment your alarm goes off, your lights will come on, you will receive instant updates, and you can view your home with your CCTV.

HD Distribution

HD Distribution enables you to distribute high definition picture throughout your home from multiple sources – providing perfect picture quality no matter where in your home you are.

Control4 Everything

Other aspects of your home that can be automated. Examples include door locks that automatically lock at a certain time of the day; curtains that open and close at the touch of a button; sprinkler systems and almost any other electronic appliance in your home

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