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Stewart Filmscreen
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“Virtually seamless” is not the same as seamless. All seams become detectable over time. Uneven tensions are at work on either side of any seam. As the fabric ages, irregularities appear. Dirt and dust can also accumulate along the seam. On roller screens, seams turn into repeating impressions of horizontal bars which will appear in the viewing area. With Stewart, you never have seams. All the way to 40 by 90 feet – unmatched in the industry.

The masters of masking

Stewart Filmscreen’s masking systems feature closed loop digital control interfaces, all encoder equipped to store positions. Each one is simple to program, jog, and will work flawlessly with all room automation systems. Stewart Filmscreen’s masking fabrics have been carefully sourced to combine deep black absorption of stray light with superb acoustical transparency.

Academy Award winning screens

Stewart Filmscreen are the only screen manufacturers to win an Academy Award (two in total) for technical merit — a testament to their commitment to constantly create the best screens imaginable — and maybe a little unimaginable as well.

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