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Signature Smart Homes

How Home Automation Can Make Your Festive Season Better

Use lighting automation to ‘magically’ switch your Christmas display on and off at certain times of the day, or as you walk through your door at night.

CCTV – The solution for you

Crystal-clear colour footage can pick up movement from as far as 150 metres away.

How Control4 Home Automation Can Make Your Life Better

There is very little that Control4 automation can’t do for you; the sky really is the limit. Here is everything you need to know.

Don’t be a victim – protect your home and your family

All you have to do now, is pick up your phone, and view your entire home from the safety of your own bedroom. Before your armed response has even arrived, you have ascertained the threat level and have protected your family accordingly.

Let’s Face It, Lighting For Your New Smart Home Is Everything

You have decided to build your dream home, and dreamy it is. You have chosen the finest finishings and had your interior design artist create an atmosphere for your home that reflects both you and your family.

A mother’s worst nightmare – prevention is better than cure

You have a four month old baby and are about to face the hardest decision of your life thus far – choosing a caregiver for your baby for when you return to work. Horror stories abound the internet, from nannies simply ignoring your most precious poppet, to the hell of a nanny/care-giver who physically abuses …