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Control4 Lighting Automation

Lighting Automation – The Starting Point Of Your Automation Journey

At Sound X Perience, we strive to understand our customers. We take time to listen to what they want and to put their minds at ease by answering any questions they may have, including questions around lighting automation. What we have learned through our extensive experience in the industry, is that for many people, Home …

Lutron Lights, Blinds And Energy Saving Solutions – Saving The Planet One Day At A Time

It Is Your Responsibility To Be An Eco Worrier – start with Lutron lights, blinds and energy saving solutions… In today’s day and age, it is every single person’s responsibility to be an eco-worrier! The planet needs us like never before and our time to stand up and demand solutions is now! So how can …

Lutron – 2019’s Very Best Lighting System

Are you in the market for something a little different, something, a little extra – a lighting system that does more than just automatically switch on and off? Well then, Lutron is what you have been looking for. Lutron, new to the South African market, is a stand-alone lighting system, but with a little extra …

Home Automation – All The Morning Motivation You Need

Let’s face it, finding the motivation to hurl yourself out of bed early in the morning is sometimes darn near impossible. The thought of waking up, hitting the shower, waking children, making breakfast, packing lunch, getting the littlies fed, dressing them, washing the dishes, doing the morning school run and getting to work looking suave …

Home Automation For Everyone

So you are buying, or building a new home and you are keen on joining the Home Automation Revolution? You have done a fair bit of research, but with the wealth of information available out there, you are probably more confused now than you were when you started. We at Sound Xperience understand this, and …

4 Upgrades That Will Transform Your Home Into A Smart Home

People are under the chronic misconception that Home Automation is only for a certain ‘select’ group of people – the elite, who have time and money in abundance, and who rely on interior designers to meet their homely needs. The truth is however; quite the contrary. Home Automation is just another upgrade to your home, …

Home automation myths…busted!

Helping you on your way to automation perfection is just what we do!

How Home Automation Can Make Your Festive Season Better

Use lighting automation to ‘magically’ switch your Christmas display on and off at certain times of the day, or as you walk through your door at night.

Add Value To Your Home With Automation

The truth is that EVERYBODY, yes everybody, wants their lives to be more simple, and automation creates simplicity in its finest form.

Forget Your Traditional Light Switch, This Is An Xperience

You walk into your home after a long day at work, you push that button, and what happens is so much more than what you have Xperienced before – this is art in action.