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Home Automation – All The Morning Motivation You Need

Let’s face it, finding the motivation to hurl yourself out of bed early in the morning is sometimes darn near impossible. The thought of waking up, hitting the shower, waking children, making breakfast, packing lunch, getting the littlies fed, dressing them, washing the dishes, doing the morning school run and getting to work looking suave …

Home Automation For Everyone

So you are buying, or building a new home and you are keen on joining the Home Automation Revolution? You have done a fair bit of research, but with the wealth of information available out there, you are probably more confused now than you were when you started. We at Sound Xperience understand this, and …

4 Upgrades That Will Transform Your Home Into A Smart Home

People are under the chronic misconception that Home Automation is only for a certain ‘select’ group of people – the elite, who have time and money in abundance, and who rely on interior designers to meet their homely needs. The truth is however; quite the contrary. Home Automation is just another upgrade to your home, …

Surround Yourself With Sound Not Wires

Gone are the days of complicated wiring ruining the aesthetic of your home – today we surround ourselves with beautiful sound, not untidy wires! The Denon HEOS receiver is the first 5.1 channel receiver to drive your favourite speakers and any HEOS wireless speaker as surround channels. The HEOS AVR absolutely revolutionises the AV receiver, …

We’ve Got The FIFA World Cup Covered

If you are a true sports fan and are still having to listen to the big game through that tiny little speaker built-in to you TV – then we have news for you, and it’s not good. You see, those little speakers are designed to be just that – discreet and out of the way, …

If we told you about this… we might have to kill you!

Introducing our most TOP SECRET job of 2018 – here is what you NEED to know!

Controlling your home from your watch – one of 2018’s most exciting #SmartHome developments!

The app combines #SmartHomes with #SmartWatches and delivers a rich Xperience in which the interactions that you would want to reach the fastest, will be available on your wristwatch

Thank you Mr President – we are going shopping!

That home automation or multiroom audio system you have been eye-balling for years is now as cost-effective as ever – prices have not been this good for years, and who knows how long this will last.

Home automation myths…busted!

Helping you on your way to automation perfection is just what we do!

Future-readying: getting your home ready for future automation

Future-proofing involves prepping the basic foundations of an automation system