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The 101 of Home Automation

Signature Smart Homes

What is an Automated Home?

It wasn’t event a decade ago when the consideration of having an automated home would sound like some sci-fir concept. Fast forward to today and given the pressures of busy work and family lives, being able to get your home heated up, lights switched on, curtains closed and coffee going before leaving the office, is a rather handy feature.

Smart Homes Devices

Let’s explore what are the options when it comes to Smart Home Devices… The list is far more extensive than what is showcased below and cant go to the extremes of smart mattresses, but below are the most frequently embraced smart home devices:

Smart Lighting Solutions

You might not realize it, but smart technology has integrated nearly every aspect of home life, including lighting. When you can control the lights in your home from anywhere in the world, program them on a schedule, and have them light up automatically as you arrive, why would you ever go back?

Smart Entertainment Devices for the Home

With wireless technology, smartphones, and the Internet of Things becoming part of everyday life, our very homes are turning into computer controllable spaces. This includes, of course, your entertainment devices. We wanted to sort through what’s available in terms of smart home entertainment devices, curating a list of some of the best, most easy-to-use options out there.

Smart Home Appliances

With smart home technology, your appliances can become more convenient, safe, and efficient. Let’s face it: we take our appliances for granted. If they’re doing their job, we don’t think about them. When they break, they get replaced. Now smart home appliances are very much in the list of automated products that can make your life efficient – from the earlier example to the coffee pot to switching the dishwasher on.

Smart Blinds Solutions

This might come as a surprise, but even the windows and shades of your home can be improved with smart technology. These products allow for the complete customization and control of the natural light entering your home. What are some of the major benefits of smart blinds? Let’s count them!

Smart Home Surveillance Cameras

When you think about smart technology that improves life at home, cameras might not be your first idea. We’re here to open your mind to the convenience and safety possibilities inherent with smart home camera solutions. So let’s get a big idea out right away: smart home technology has been shown to improve almost every functional aspect of your house.

Smart Door Locks

When your security catches up with the technology in your home, everyone wins. Well, everyone but thieves wins. We’ve enjoyed covering the myriad new examples of smart home technology that grant convenience, safety, connectivity, and peace of mind to homeowners, but none have felt as essential and life-changing as these new smart locks.

Smart Garage Door Openers and Gadgets

When it comes to garages, smart tech brings unexpected improvements that feel instantly and definitely welcome. First of all, what does smart technology bring to the age-old game of garage door openers? The answer is a surprisingly long list.

Smart Home Sensors

If you’ve been keeping up with our smart home coverage, you’ll know that sensors are one of the key components that bring it all to life. These sensors are what bridge the gap between the electronic environment and the tangible space of your home.

We love smart home devices because they allow our basic day-to-day lives to catch up with the technology that’s been improving the world on a large scale. In this more intimate setting, technology can be used to dramatically streamline the routine things so that you can focus on the important stuff.

Smart Voice Recognition and Voice Activated Products

We covered a range of the best of the best when it comes to smart home devices designed to elevate and enhance your life. In this gallery, we focus on the devices that have been crafted specifically for voice interaction.

The main selling point with voice-activated products is that they use one of the most natural of human behaviors to command, interact, and monitor your devices and your home itself. Speaking is something almost everyone can do, and it requires no learning curve.

Eco-Friendly Smart Home Products

So what do we mean when we say “eco-friendly” homes? The answer is both simple and surprisingly broad. When your home is made more environmentally friendly, it is improving in two very important ways. First, the home is having a lower impact on the natural world than it did before. This means that it is using fewer resources producing less pollution, a two-fold improvement.

The second improvement is that when you use fewer resources, you typically save a lot of money. How much? The products detailed below can reduce your electric and water bills anywhere from 50% to 100%. That’s a radical improvement that will only get better over time.

Smart Remote Controls

These devices are the actual hands-on component of a smart home ecosystem, the way you go about controlling it. With a suite of smart home devices and appliances installed in your home, the final step is setting them in motion. Here’s where remote controls come in.

Anyone who’s had to deal with a complicated home entertainment system knows that a good remote is worth its weight in gold. The same proves true for smart home technology, even more so. We looked high and low for the best ways to control our smart home devices and came back with a lot of great products.

Smart Home Apps

Since most of these devices are controlled via smartphone and tablet apps, we wanted to take a closer look at the software that makes your smart homework together. While many smart home devices, especially hubs and other connectivity products, are paired with their own apps, we discovered a wealth of apps that work independently to connect and control devices.

Smart Technologies for Home

At Sound X-perience we are a big fan of Control i4 and this is why!

Control i4 – The WOW Factor in Smart home connectivity

  • Control4 OS 3 puts more capabilities, features, and benefits at your fingertips. With touchscreen, keypad, voice, and app access, you can create a smart home that’s uniquely yours.
  • Don’t ditch your favorite products; let’s join them all together! Your Control4 Smart Home OS has the ability to operate with tens-of-thousands of third-party products.
  • Manage them all with a simple tap, a single voice command, or even allow things to happen automatically with no interaction at all.

And that’s pretty much a wrap on the 101 of Smart Home Automation – now… If you not sold yet – connect with one of our Sound X-perts, book a consultation or a demo and let us show you the benefits of this incredible technology!