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Why Custom Motorized Blinds Should Be Part Of The Complete Home Solution

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Why Custom Motorized Blinds Should Be Part Of The Complete Home Solution

Your Home Is Your Castle

At Sound X Perience, we are all about the Xperience of your home. You see, your home is more than just the place your rest your wary head after a long day at the office. Your home is your castle – and as every smart homeowner knows, your castle should work for you, not you for it.

As part of the automated home solution that Sound X Perience has become known for providing, we now offer motorized blinds and curtains, to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, as well as its impact on the earth.

Control Every Aspect Of Your Home

So why go the extra mile of installing motorized blinds? It comes down to control – total control of your home – being able to control every aspect of your home. This includes controlling the amount of light allowed in, and its effect on the micro-climate within your four walls, like never before.

At Sound X Perience, we are proud to offer both wired, and wireless, state-of-the-art Lutron motorized shades, with the quietest motors in the world – Lutron is absolutely the top of the line when it comes to home shading solutions.

Motorized Blinds Are Perfect For The South African Climate

We all know that light equals heat, and shade equals coolness, which is why motorized blinds are a wonderful solution for the South African climate. Just imagine, your Saturday afternoon, sitting in your TV lounge, watching our Boks in action with the sun beating down on you, cooking you while creating such glare on your screen that the Green and Gold washes into the abyss and the ball disappears, never to be seen again – game ruined, day ruined. But now imagine hitting the remote, having the blinds close on their own – without you missing a moment of the action. Suddenly the white of the ball glows from the screen, and our glorious Green and Gold is illuminated for the world to see – just the way it should be! And you can put away the sunscreen, because you will no longer be catching a tan in your living room.

And this is good for our environment too – reducing the amount of light to only what is necessary, will create a naturally cooler environment and reduce the need for air-conditioning greatly.

By installing motorized shades and curtains, you will also easily be able to put your home into sleep mode. With the touch of a button, you can have all your curtains and blinds closed for evening time, and open in the morning. With the wireless solutions, we are also able to retrofit blinds into homes without the need to run wiring and power.

When everything else in your home works for you, why shouldn’t your blinds? Click Here For A Quote


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