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HD TV Distribution

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HD TV Distribution

What is HD TV Distribution and How Can Your Home Entertainment Experience Be Improved By It?

Back in the day, those lucky enough to have more than one television in the home would prioritise which television got the best picture quality. Secondary televisions might not have had bad image quality, but they certainly didn’t have the best. In most instances too, the lounge television was of the better quality and other televisions in the home were cheaper models with less in terms picture quality, sound quality and connectivity.

Times have changed, however, and gone are the days where the home only had one main television. In this day and age, most modern homes have a television in the bedrooms and sometimes even the kitchen, as well as the lounge or main sitting area. Homeowners also take their home entertainment more seriously and ensure that these televisions are of a good quality – after all, what’s the point of kitting out the home with a variety of televisions that offer the very best quality – that just seems like a waste of money.

When the home has more than one television set, the need for HD TV distribution exists. If you haven’t heard of HD distribution, you might be wondering what it is. HD distribution is the process of ensuring that every HD television in the home (most televisions these days are HD Ready or Full HD) receives a high definition picture.

Why Do You Need HD Distribution to Achieve This?

Because you don’t want to have to link each television up separately to the various media devices and inputs that you wish to have access to. This would be a time consuming, complicated and maybe even expensive task. This brings us to what HD distribution really is and how it works.

An HD distribution device is a centrally located unit that all of your HD sources are plugged in to. This could involve your HD DVD player, Blue Ray player, DStv decoder and similar. From this central device, a strong HD signal is sent to each and every television in the home. This can be done via optical cable in the case of the more advanced and expensive systems, or via data cables, which is the norm for standard entry level systems. The HD TV distribution device ensures a beautiful picture quality is delivered to each television and that you can control each of the media inputs remotely from each of the rooms that the televisions are installed in.

In order to ensure that your HD TV distribution device and system are properly set up and function efficiently, turn to the professional installers in the industry. At Sound X Perience, we offer professional and skilled technicians who will ensure that your HD televisions are connected to your HD distribution effectively. We are MultiChoice accredited installers and offer a fast, friendly and affordable service that you quite simply won’t regret.

To learn more about HD distribution and to organise your system to be installed at your residence, get in touch with our team at Sound X Perience via email or telephone today.

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