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Into Any Hotel, Guest House Or Boutique Hotel

Hospitality Automation can be customised to suit any hotel, guest house or boutique hotel.


Sound X Perience Is Proud To Be A
Level 1 BEE Contributor

We are a proudly black female owned company. As a Level 1 BEE contributor, we strive to deliver the best the AV industry has to offer.


What Is Hotel Automation?

Our Signature Hospitality Solutions are built to create unique guest xperiences. All solutions work for both retrofit and new construction hotels. Enhance your hotels operational efficiency, while giving your guests the very best hospitality has to offer.

Do you need louder sound with more powerful speakers and subwoofers in your bar, along with a screen and projector to show the big game, but a softer, more delicate sound in your sophisticated, fine-dining area? Then we have a commercial AV solution for you. Contact Us

A Stay To Remember

Through our Control4 Smart Hospitality Interface (whether it’s
a remote, touch screen or a keypad)  guests can control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, and music,
schedule wake-up scenes, request valet service, and much more…

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lutron hospitality SOLUTIONS

Keep Them Coming Back For More

Lutron Hospitality Solutions is a system that allows for the management of a hotel’s electronic components within each room. The system enables the hotel owner/manager to set scenes and systems that are not overridable by guests to ensure optimum energy efficiency and cost savings

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Lutron – Hotel Automation

Hospitality Solutions, the last building management tool you will ever need.
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