Parking Level 3, 183 Rivonia Road, Morningside, Sandton

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    What To Expect When You Visit Sound X Sandton

    Book A Home Automation Or Home Cinema Demo In One Of Africa’s Best Control4 Showrooms! If You’re In The Area, Visit Us At 183 Rivonia Road, Morningside, Sandton

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    Welcome to SoundXPerience’s Sandton Showroom, Africa’s premier destination for luxury home automation.

    Step into a world of unrivaled innovation as you explore our Premium Demo Home Cinema and witness the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. Discover the power of seamless automation on our full floor dedicated to demo features, transforming your living spaces into smart, efficient, and secure environments. Indulge your senses with our exclusive range of high-end audio and visual equipment, meticulously curated to deliver the pinnacle of technological excellence.

    Experience the future of home living at SoundXPerience’s Sandton Showroom. Book your exclusive demo today and unlock the potential of your dream home.

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    Are you looking to upgrade your home entertainment system?

    SoundXPerience’s Kempton Park Showroom is sure to impress. Featuring two Home Theatre Demo Rooms, a Home Cinema Demonstration Room and the latest in high-end audio and visual equipment, this showroom has it all. Plus, with our innovative home automation features, you can take your viewing experience to the next level.

    Whether you’re looking for an immersive movie night or just a surround sound set up for gaming – we’ve got something that will suit your needs perfectly. Our knowledgeable staff are at hand to give advice or discuss what will work best for you so why not come on down today?

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    Step into a world of audio and visual excellence at SoundXPerience’s Vereeniging showroom. Immerse yourself in the latest technologies and experience the pinnacle of entertainment in a luxurious setting. Our showroom boasts an impressive selection of state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, including and exclusive home cinema demo room

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