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A Soundtrack For Everyday Life Seamlessly Integrated Into Every Room Of Your Designer Home

Multiroom sound systems can deliver music and audio to many rooms around the home from a centralised point (Home Automation). Everyone in the family can enjoy their audio independently in their own space. There’s something for everyone in the family! You can have radio playing in the kitchen while watching DSTV in the bedroom and streaming from your phone to your entertainment area.


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Multiroom audio systems enable you to play audio from multiple sources in designated areas of your home. In essance, these systems will allow users the freedom to stream music from a variety of music and audio platforms throughout the home, or in one specific room, all through one easy to use interface.

These systems are controlled off your home network via a Smartphone or Tablet – creating a soundtrack for everyday life. Contact Us


Do you want the sound without all the clutter? Fill your entire home with music without the clutter of traditional bulky speakers.

In-ceiling speakers are almost invisible and host a wide range of audio options for different spaces.  Regardless of your audio needs, you can have a smart home entertainment Xperience with minimal affect to your aesthetics. Enjoy high-resolution audio, your way. Contact Us

Multiroom Audio Systems Are An Invaluable Addition To Any Home

Whether you’re looking at a Denon HEOS wireless multiroom audio system, or a traditional in-ceiling multiroom audio system, we have a customised solution to meet your individual needs. Any way you slice it, a multiroom sound system will be an invaluable addition to your home.

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Wireless Multiroom Audio – Now A Reality

Thanks to Denon HEOS, wireless multiroom audio systems are now a reality.  Boasting a range of speakers, varying in size and power, there is a HEOS speaker for suitable for any room.


Any Song, Any Room, Any Time.

Stream Wirelessly Over Your Network

The Denon HEOS app gives you access to all the music on your smartphone; including playlists, and other music streaming services.  You’re also able to add other users to the line-up, varying the playlist or personalising the room according to the user.  Stream from your favourite music service, phone or network.


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