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Smart Lighting Automation in SA

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Lighting Automation Has Become The New Trend

A lighting automation system is a smart, network-based lighting solution where all lights and all switches are integrated into one controlled system. This allows the lights and switches to be programmed any which way you please.

Today’s light switch is so much more than just a button to switch on and off a light. It is an Xperience maker, and a must for every modern household. GET SMART LIGHTING

Automate The Day-To-Day

We believe in taking a practical approach when it comes to home automation by starting small and building outward. Starting with devices that are part of your day-to-day routine. Lighting is absolutely a part of the day-to-day.

Smart Lighting is designed to respond to your daily routine, making your life simpler and more convenient. Contact Us

Hands-Free Lighting Control –
Lighting That Responds To Your Voice

Centralized Smart Lighting allows for dimming, switching, and load management to be performed by modules that are neatly tucked away.

These Automated Lighting Systems are then controlled using voice commands or a single touch on your smartphone. Contact Us

Imagine walking into your home after a long day at work; you push that button, and what happens is so much more than what you have Xperienced before – it’s art in action. We learned over the years that lighting is key to a beautiful home design. Your home is an artwork, an artwork that can be taken from pointless to Picasso with beautiful lighting.


With lighting automation, you can create moods and ‘scenes’ for your home. From a romantic dinner for two mood with soft lighting and soft music, to a neighbourhood block party with lights and music blaring, it can all happen at the touch of a button.


Using time-based automated lighting technologies is an effective way of curbing the expenses at home. Home lighting control can be optimized to work on a schedule, ensuring that the lights in your home only turn on when you need them. Smart home lighting controls also allow users to turn off lights remotely. So, the next time you realize you forgot to switch off the lights before leaving for work, there’s no need to make a U-turn and head back home.

Complete Lighting Automation – From Start To Finish

We can provide controlled lighting designed to your unique needs, from simple dimmer switches, to a smart lighting system that contribute significantly to the ambiance of your magnificent home.

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