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Home Automation – All The Morning Motivation You Need

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Home Automation – All The Morning Motivation You Need

Let’s face it, finding the motivation to hurl yourself out of bed early in the morning is sometimes darn near impossible. The thought of waking up, hitting the shower, waking children, making breakfast, packing lunch, getting the littlies fed, dressing them, washing the dishes, doing the morning school run and getting to work looking suave and fresh and ready to take on another big day in corporate South Africa – is hardly the inspiration anyone is looking for.

But the transition from bedtime bliss to the daily grind doesn’t have to be as unpleasant as a screeching alarm calling you from the depths of dreamland into some rude awakening of what your day is likely to hold. Nope – waking up can actually be wonderful.

Now we have you hooked – for sure! So how do you make a chaotic morning of familiar responsibility a bit easier on the soul you ask? Well for the spiritually-minded, I guess there is meditation and yoga (don’t say it, I know), but for the rest of us mere mortals – there is… wait for it… the shining beacon that is… Home Automation.

Not quite what you were expecting? Well, hear me out.

Option 1:

Alarm: Beep beep beep… Snooze

Alarm: Beep beep beep… Snooze

Alarm: Beep beep beep… Snooze

Alarm: Beep beep beep…

You: Gently lift your phone, and shut off the alarm and place it back on your bedside table (this part is done gently because even in the depths of your slumber and the anger in your soul at having to wake up when it’s still dark, you know that smartphones are expensive, and fragile, and need to be treated with the utmost respect at all times, despite how you may really be feeling). Now stomp out of bed, already in a bad mood and already late – its not a good start to anyone’s day.

Now picture this…

Option 2:

There you are snoring away, dreaming about a tropical beach holiday with cocktails and babysitters. In the background, a soft, soul-soothing tune begins to fade in. You feel yourself slowly leaving dreamland. The lights begin to shine, a bit brighter by the minute, and the smell of coffee transcending through the air lifts you from your sweet slumber. This is the way to start your day.

You head out of bed and into the shower. Your children, you ask? Worry not, we say… Their awakening, while probably not quite as gentle as yours, is being handled by your home while you lather yourself in soap. Their curtains are opening and they have music playing in their rooms. By the time you are out of the shower, they are up and at ‘em. Bliss, I say, Bliss!

Head to the kitchen and grab your already steaming hot cup of coffee. The TV switches on, ideally showing you all the news you missed out on while in your tropical dreamland, but more realistically belting out the latest Disney-craze cartoons for the little ones.

If this is how your day starts, we think you are in for a good one, don’t you?

In this fast-paced world, everyone deserves a little automation, to make their lives just that tiny bit easier, even you!

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