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Corporate Xperience – Video Walls

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Corporate Xperience – Video Walls

When bigger is better, which it almost always is, a video wall is, without a doubt, the way to go.

By definition a video wall is a series of screens tiled side by side, which hold technology that enables connections to be daisy-chained to send power, video and command signals to the various screens. Video walls are most commonly a matrix of thinly-bezelled LCD or LED screens with software that splits the desired content across the various screens, to create one fluid image.

In English, a number of screens placed together are programmed, as if by the magic of some technically-minded wizards, to broadcast one large image – it is pretty cool technology, if we say so ourselves.

So what are some of the real-life uses of Video walls?

The first, and most obvious, is of course advertising. Video walls allow for almost unlimited size, while still providing high resolution imaging. This means that picture quality is as good from far away, as it is up close. Video walls look impressive, and if you are displaying on one, you are guaranteed to get the attention of your audience.

But that is not the only use for video walls. Video walls also provide an efficient solution for control rooms. The close proximity of the screens to each other means that users can look at a number of different images, camera footage for example, at the same time. Once a necessary section of footage is spotted on one of the smaller screens, that image can be pulled up onto the video wall to be viewed in greater detail.

Because of the ability to display visuals at an extremely high resolution, video walls are also the perfect solution to data communication. The quality makes it possible to read numbers and figures, while the sheer size makes viewing these from a greater distance possible.

The screens do not, however, have to display one large image. Because this technology makes use of separate screens, and each of those screens has their own input channels, different data, from different sources can be displayed on each. Think of displaying content from each of your social media platforms for all your staff to be able to see, in one place, but each on a screen of its own – handy right?

We believe that the possibilities with video walls are endless, and we would love the opportunity to help you find your ideal video wall solution.

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