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Halloween & Home Automation

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Halloween & Home Automation

Let’s face it, South Africa is a pretty…scaarry place to live… but let’s make it a little less scary this Halloween.

We can’t really help your ghosts and ghouls (although wouldn’t it be awesome if you managed to catch footage of one on you external [yes external, no one wants those things inside] CCTV cameras?). Witches and wizards are slightly out of our ball park; and we don’t really accept pumpkins as tradable currency – but right there is about where our limitations end.

INDENT – Bonus: Want a few fun tips on how home automation can help you scare the socks off of your neighbours this Halloween? Keep reading…

So even though we can’t save you from the super-natural, our Home Automation magicians can certainly help you to keep South Africa’s super-criminals at bay.

Here are a few ways that your home can be made safer using Home Automation…

1 – Self-locking doors: Are you notoriously bad at remembering to lock your doors at night? You are not alone – which is why this wonderful technology is so popular. Automated door-locks can be set to lock and unlock at certain times, without you having to do a thing. Handy, right?

2 –  Video intercoms: Know who is at your gate before you even allow them on to your property. Have your video intercom integrated into your automation system so that when someone rings your bell, their face automatically pops up on a screen so that you can make an informed decision as to whether to allow them in or now. What is also fantastic about this, is that the video intercom can be set up to run remotely, so that even if you are not in your home at the time, you can still see who is at your gate.

3 – CCTV: This is becoming the must-have security feature for South African homes. Those with means have their homes completely surrounded, inside and out with high-resolution cameras that can be viewed in real-time or at a later stage. We speak from Xperience when we tell you that cameras make a difference to how secure you feel in your home. False alarms from your alarm system are regular occurrences, but CCTV & Security Automation enables you to rest easily, knowing that you know exactly what is going on on your property, at the touch of a button. This footage can also be viewed on a Smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world – its like you are always home, without having to actually be there!

4 – Alarm: Integrating your alarm into your Home Automation system is a vital step in ensuring your safety. Programme your alarm to automatically activate at a certain time to ensure that this step cannot be forgotten. You can also programme your system to automatically turn on your TV, to show CCTV footage as soon as your alarm is activated. This could literally save your life!

5 – Integrated sprinklers: And finally, if all else fails – your alarm has sounded, you have viewed the criminal on your CCTV cameras, but he seems intent on sticking around, completely unwelcome – well then, its time to remotely activate your garden sprinkler system and wash him right out of there!

All of the above can easily be integrated into your Smart Home system and programmed to run as it suits you. You can set a ‘security scene’ which automatically activates certain security measures at a certain time, and a ‘bedtime scene’, that activates the rest of your security features when you get into bed.

Automated security is simply a must-have feature in every modern South African home.

At Sound Xperience we can work to your specifications and budget to provide a package that will give you the best value for money.

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And now… a few fun tips on how home automation can help you scare the socks off of your neighbours this Halloween

1 – Switch off all your lights, and sit quietly in your living room armed with your control panel, waiting for your first victim to arrive.

2 – As you hear the excited pitter patter of cheery trick-or-treaters entering your driveway, prepare for action.

3 – They knock on the door, you wait a few seconds, and then (from your lazy-boy), you unlock your front door, enticing them to come in

4 – They slowly open the door (it would help at this point if your door has a creepy creek, but that’s not super likely given that you own an automated home…anyway)

5 – In 3…2…1… Action – in one swift move, you activate pre-programmed your ‘scare scene’ on your Automation system – Bright lights instantly hit trick-or-treaters as they are blasted by Marylyn Manson (nothing is scarier than some Manson, right?) playing through your multi-room audio system at full blast. Your blinds begin to open and shut on their own revealing a blood spatter (or clown face – whatever your poison), on the window behind.

6 – As they run from your home, screaming, activate your outdoor sprinkler system to wash the fear right off them.

7 – LOL – make it loud and make it creepy!

Disclaimer – you might not get a whole lot of trick-or-treaters next year!

So, you see, with Home Automation, this could well be the cheapest, and most fun Halloween, ever!

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