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Ghana – Sound X Perience Is Coming For You!

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Home Automation Ghana Africa

Ghana – Sound X Perience Is Coming For You!

Home Automation in Ghana

First it was the most beautiful gold the world had ever seen, then the deepest, richest, most delectable cocoa we had ever tasted, followed by the entire planet’s Achilles Heel – oil. With so much to offer, Ghana has quickly become the pride of the African continent with a booming economy and its beautiful people.

With the economy looking upwards, it is no wonder that the people of Ghana are demanding a more tech savvy solution to their daily operations. Smart Homes are growing in popularity, and for good reason, and it’s time you joined the fray. You can now get Home automation in Ghana from some of the best in the business.

Home Automation Ghana Africa
Home Automation Ghana Africa

Well, beautiful Ghana – Akwaaba to Sound X Perience, your home of world-class home cinema systems and home automation. Based in sunny South Africa, but primed to work anywhere in the world, we are here to open your eyes to the world of possibilities that awaits you.

When your whole life works for you, so should your home! Sound X Perience has become industry leaders in all things home automation in Southern Africa, and it’s time to bring that experience to our Ghanaian fans.

Having completed work in home automation in Ghana before, our teams are excited about the opportunity to expand our horizons in beautiful Ghana.

So, my Ghanaian friend, are you looking for the ultimate home cinema system, where your own living room rivals even the best equipped cinema complex in the land – where top-notch sound is paired with the most exquisite picture quality possible, to bring movies to life like never before?

home cinema ghana africa
Home Cinema Ghana Africa

What about lighting automation Ghana – the centre piece of any integrated home? Imagine a world where lights are designed to meet your individual needs… a world where convenience and ease of use is central and lighting works for you!

Sound X Perience is all about the Art of Smart. With Sound X Perience, you will be treated to the ultimate Smart Home, where your own imagination sets the limits on what can be achieved. With a Smart Home designed by Sound X Perience, you will be able to control your entire home from the comfort of your couch, or from the other side of the country – it’s really up to you.

Imagine seeing your entire home on a touch screen, and being able to control each aspect as needed. Well, imagine no more, because home automation in Ghana – this is now your reality.

Let’s unpack the Home automation in Ghana options

And what we love most about our Home Automation systems, is our ability to automate your security. Security automation has become a huge factor around the world, and in particular on the African Continent. Picture being able to lock and unlock your doors, set alarms, turn on lights, open curtains, control the HVAC system – all with the touch of a button, from anywhere in the world. No longer is your family only safe when you are home, you can now ensure that safety in Ghana, from anywhere, at any time, at the touch of a button.

A Sound X Perience Smart Home can help you to realize the Home Automation in Ghana dreams that not even you knew you had. Our teams will be there to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that the system you receive at the end of the day, is exactly what you wanted, and more!

So, to our Ghanaian friends, we hope that you are as excited to meet us as we are to meet you. We can’t wait to venture a little further North, and to open up a whole new world of Home Automation to you.

Visit us online at for more information on what we offer, and contact us for our bespoke offerings based on your, individual Smart Home needs.

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