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Home Cinema – Xperience Is Everything

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Home Cinema

Home Cinema – Xperience Is Everything

Home Cinema

Be transported into a World of entertainment with your own home cinema room.

Imagine preparing for a family movie night at home… You walk into your Home Cinema, sit down in a luxurious reclining cinema seat that blends in with the unique room design. As you press play on your favourite movie, your lights dim, the projector, home theatre, amplifiers and the rest of your system turns on – all with the touch of a button. Lights, camera, action! Sit back and enjoy the big screen displaying vivid, high-resolution imagery, while listening to an immersive audio experience through a state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos home theatre system.

This is the power of home cinema. A Cinema Room isn’t simply a dedicated movie viewing room. It’s a vehicle to transport you, and your family and friends into a world of entertainment!

Sound X Perience understands that when it comes to Home Cinema, the experience is EVERYTHING. As such, they create stunning Home Cinema Rooms in luxury homes throughout Southern Africa to give you and your family the full immersive cinema experience. 

The 3 Senses Of Home Cinema

Every Home Cinema Sound X Perience integrates is made up of 3 pillar components, which include audio, visual and comfort.


Home Cinema Audio

Let’s take a closer look at the audio component…

When integrating audio into your home cinema, you are looking for a home theatre system that can handle the dynamic range of your favourite movies. Whether it’s animation for the kids, romance for the wife or action for you, we will integrate a home theatre system that can reproduce power without compromising on life-like, crystal clear audio quality.

The aesthetics of your Home Cinema are a priority. As a result, all Sound X Perience’s home theatre options are unobtrusively integrated behind the projector screen, in-wall and in-ceiling to ensure maximum audio with minimum visual impact – all your audio neatly tucked away so you can enjoy sound without clutter. Each home theatre is then perfectly paired with AV Receivers, Pre-Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers neatly hidden away to ensure that your system is ready for you to enjoy an incredible listening experience.

The goal of any home cinema is to make you feel like you are part of the action happening on the screen. This immersive experience is achieved through making use of premium audio brands that boast the latest formats and technologies. One of these technologies is Dolby Atmos and trust me, no cinema is complete without it! This 3D audio format creates atmospheric sound that will allow you to hear some of the background noises that would have traditionally not been captured.  Dolby Atmos is important as it places audio all around you, creating a realistic sense of being in the scene with the actors.

The goal of a great home theatre is to make you feel the rumble of the explosions, xperience the adrenaline of high-speed car chases and soak up the sound of rain as Dolby Atmos carefully places each drop around you.


Moving on to the next aspect – the visual component of your home cinema.

The visuals of your cinema aren’t only limited to an ultra high-definition projector and big screen that displays lifelike images with exceptional clarity. While this important, with a home cinema your entire room makes up the visual experience.

From star-light ceilings that provide an open-air feel to your viewing through to acoustic panelling custom-designed for your room, each element of your cinema works together in unison to achieve your unique cinema design. Adding to the aesthetics is luxurious carpets and depending on your room requirements, gorgeous blackout curtains. Lastly, no home cinema would be complete without strategically placed lighting to create a beautiful viewing atmosphere for your family and friends.

Every visual component, thoughtfully selected to create a bespoke viewing experience.


Home Cinema Comfort

The final component, and arguably the most important, is the comfort of your cinema.

These are the little opulent touches that tie everything together to create a home cinema masterpiece. Something to take into consideration when it comes to comfort is your cinema seating. We have partnered with premium furniture suppliers Sedgars, to bring you gorgeous electronic reclining cinema seats, available in multiple sizes, designs, and colour options. These sophisticated cinema seats are a must-have to ensure your overall viewing comfort.

When it comes to opulence, nothing says “luxury” quite like automation. Home automation is the ability to control your homes electronic components on one centralised system. Adding automation to your cinema allows you to control your home theatre system, projector and lighting off one remote, keypad or your smartphone.

Automation also allows you to trigger a sequence of events with the touch of one button. For example, if you press play on your remote, your lights will slowly dim, your projector will power on and display your Apple TV. Press “pause” and your lights will slowly brighten and the movie will pause. Press “off” on your and your entire system, including your lighting will turn off. You can also integrate elements outside of your cinema onto your automation system. Would like your camera system to display in your cinema room when someone rings the doorbell? With Automation, you can!

Xperience It For Yourself

A home cinema is the perfect blend of luxury, comfort and convenience. Combine this with a touch of automation and your cinema will come to life creating the ultimate viewing space. Nothing could be more relaxing than being transported into the world that a film-director wanted you to experience, with picture and sound quality so superb, that you could almost mistake it for real life.

When it comes to home cinema, a fully immersive xperience is what you’re looking for and what Sound X Perience aims to deliver. From concept to creation, they will integrate a custom cinema room, uniquely designed for your home, regardless of whether your home is in construction phase or already established.

Some things are simply better when you experience them for yourself. Book a demo at Sound Xperience’s Sandton offices and be inspired for your own bespoke home cinema or custom room build.

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