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LUTRON Hospitality Solutions – The Best That Money Can Buy

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LUTRON Hospitality Solutions – The Best That Money Can Buy

lutron hospitality solutions

So, this one is for the investors out there – those in the hospitality industry – the hotel owner who wants to give his or her guests a taste of the good life, while ensuring maximum return on investment at the same time.

We would like to introduce to you, Lutron Hospitality Solutions, the last building management tool you will ever need. Now we have your attention, let’s tell you what you need to know.

Who Needs A Lutron Hospitality Solutions?

The short answer – you! If you are in the hospitality industry and want to give guests the best possible experience, while ensuring that wastage is limited, then you need to consider a Lutron solution.

What Exactly Is A Lutron Hospitality Solutions?

A Lutron Hospitality Solutions is a system that allows for the management of a hotel’s electronic components. The system enables the hotel owner/manager to set scenes and systems that are not overridable by guests to ensure optimum energy efficiency and cost savings.

Consider for a moment how much it costs to run a hotel in South Africa where the cost of electricity is absolutely soaring. Guests are not concerned about cost-saving and leave lights and air-conditioners running for hours on end when they are not even in the hotel. So now imagine the difference that a Lutron Hospitality Solutions could make. When a guest leaves the room, a room-occupancy sensor identifies that the room is empty, and automatically activates a ‘vacant-scene’. This scene, closes the curtains (keeping the room naturally more temperate), switches off the lights, and the AC. It also informs house-keeping, so that the room can be made-up without disturbing the guest.

As soon as the guest returns, the curtains open (provided it is still daylight outside), and only the necessary lights are switched on, ensuring that the room is never over-lit. The AC is also switched on to the temperature set by the hotel, but the guest can manage this to his or her own comfort level.

What Your Guests Get From Lutron Hospitality Solutions

Firstly, if they are staying in a Lutron establishment, they know that they are staying in a world-class establishment with world-class standards.

They get style, opulence, and ease of use. They get to enjoy beautiful finishes and automated lights, curtains, and blinds. Lutron simply provides that little extra WOW factor for guests – setting your hotel another notch above the competition.

Guest can opt-out of being disturbed by hotel staff at the touch of the ‘do not disturb’ button, while staff can simply ring a bell into the room, rather than having to knock door to door in the hotel, disturbing other guests with the noise.

What Do You Get From Lutron Hospitality Solutions?

Your hotel is surely your greatest investment, and your greatest desire for that investment is for it to grow, and this is where Lutron comes in. Cost-saving is key in ensuring return on investment.

A Lutron Hospitality Solution can even be programmed to identify when there are issues within the hotel, such as lights that are not working, and inform your staff accordingly.

Unlike other systems, a Lutron Hospitality Solution cannot be bypassed by guests – if the room is empty, it will switch off!

From gorgeous, secluded little boutique hotels, to high-end, world-class en-masse hotels with hundreds of rooms – you know that if you are staying in a Lutron hotel, you are playing with the top guns.

Some world-famous hotels that make use of Lutron Hospitality Solutions are The Burj al Arab in Dubai, the Four Seasons in China and the Four Seasons in Dubai. If it works for them, it will work for you!

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