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Monitor Audio – What’s Better Than Gold? Platinum, Of Course

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Monitor Audio – What’s Better Than Gold? Platinum, Of Course

Sound, beautiful sound! What would we be without sound? Without birds in the background, without children’s laughter, without music – and without joy, for sound I dare say sound, is joy.

Xperience High-End Sound

And joy is experiencing the magic of high-end sound emanating from high-end speakers. Joy is the Monitor Audio Platinum series, now available at Sound X Perience.

For over forty years the work of engineers and audio enthusiasts at Monitor Audio has been dedicated to the unveiling of perfect sound. And perfection has been reached. Without a doubt, your Home Cinema experience needs a touch of Platinum – if you consider yourself an expert connoisseur of sound, then the Platinum series from Monitor Audio is right up your street. It is not for everyone, only for those searching for something more exclusive, more bespoke, than the run-of-the-mill Home Cinema package.

Get More Than Just High-End Sound Performance!

The Platinum series from Monitor Audio offers more than just high-end sound performance. Having been expertly designed, this system is one not to be hidden away in corners – it is one that will stand proudly, encouraging conversation and offering supreme bragging rights.

With their most advanced driver, crossover and acoustic systems set within luxurious cabinets, Monitor Audio has tuned the virtues, that have won themselves worldwide acclaim, to a new intensity, allowing rarefied audio transparency to be revealed and enjoyed.

Monitor Audio enjoys a reputation for creating the finer things in life, a reputation that they have fine-tuned over a period of time thanks to their focus on creating holistic products that appeal to a particularly discerning clientele. And the Platinum series is the crème-de-la-crème, the pièce de résistance, the cherry on the top of Monitor Audio’s admirable reputation.

So do you consider yourself a true sound lover? Then click here to get in touch with us to find out more about Monitor Audio’s Platinum series, and how you can own your very own set.


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