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Suzy’s Music Causing An Office Meltdown? We Can Help!

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Suzy’s Music Causing An Office Meltdown? We Can Help!

Have you overlooked the many advantages of having a professionally commissioned commercial sound system installed in your building? You might be thinking that a radio positioned on Suzy’s desk does the job, but we are here to tell you that it most certainly does not.

It sounds silly, right? But think about it honestly. How much tension does the chosen radio station cause in your office? In ours, a fair few fights have broken out, so we really can sympathise. But more than sympathise, we can offer a solution. You’re welcome.

With a professionally commissioned and installed commercial AV system, Suzy’s guesswork is taken out of the equation, and management’s calculated decision making is brought in. From a central point, selections can be made, and more importantly, volume limitations can be set.

This does not only apply to radios. Do you have TV’s in your office? Are they supposed to be set to Parliament TV (Heaven help us), but instead are permanently tuned to SuperSport (I mean, who wouldn’t?)? Well you can fix that from a central location.

It may seem extreme, but small things in office spaces quickly build into larger conflict situations, which can become more difficult to contain. And let’s face it, it is nice to have the option available. If you have departments who play nice and can be trusted with the volume control, a commercial AV system will allow for that too – it does exactly what you, as a manager, want it to do!

Customisable to your specific needs, a commercial AV system is a must-have in every corporate environment.

Sound Xperience is a level 1 BBBEE contributor, and is perfectly positioned to give you sound advice, and deliver on promises made.

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