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What Makes Up A Home Automation System

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What Makes Up A Home Automation System

Your safety and that of your family is your responsibility. While many think of their homes as being safe sanctuaries for themselves and their families, there’s always the chance of being targeted by burglars. Getting home automation can help with that. According to research, homes that do not have a smart security system installed are more prone to theft as compared to the homes which are protected by automated home security. Now that you understand the importance of a home automation system, its time you become familiar with the different components that make up home automation.

At the most basic level, home automation systems are made up of three main components – the smart devices, a dedicated application and the hub or smart home controller, which will be the brain of your home automation system.

The Smart Home Controller

The smart home controller or hub is the main command center of your home automation. It is going to be the single most important component of your smart ecosystem that is going to connect all other individual devices that are going to be running in your home. The core controller is going to receive signals from all the smart devices in a home. These will include timers, occupancy or temperature sensors, keypads, and handheld remotes, or mobile applications. These signals are then translated into commands and relayed to the appropriate device. All this takes place in less than a second.

While there are some smart home controllers that can only control their own devices, others such as, Amazon Echo, is designed to work with a myriad of devices from a number of different manufacturers. Hiring a home automation service will allow you to get an efficient and reliable smart home controller that will sync all the smart devices in your home.

Mobile and Table Apps

The beauty of home automation is that you can control multiple smart devices in your home with the help of a tablet or smartphone app. This application can be easily downloaded and allows the user to have complete control over their home regardless of whether they are at home or in another country. All you need is access to the Internet and you can do everything; from granting access to people you know, and changing the temperature of the thermostat in your bedroom, to alarming the authorities if someone is trying to break into your home while you are away.

The Devices

The third and final component of a home automation system is smart devices. These are the devices which are actually going to implement the commands they are given by the user. These include smart locks, motion sensors, smart home cameras and smart home alarms, which are placed at all entrances, such as doors and windows of a home. Climate control systems include smart thermostats and energy management systems which allows you to keep track of the temperature of your home and conserve energy while you are away. Lighting controls will allow you to switch the lights of your home on or off remotely, or open or close the garage door. Home automation also includes the ability to control smart TVs, film projectors and audio systems remotely.

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