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How Home Automation Can Make Your Festive Season Better

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How Home Automation Can Make Your Festive Season Better

So often people wonder exactly what home automation can do for them. The truth of the matter is that home automation can do just about anything – the possibilities are absolutely endless.

That being said, you, the end-user are far more interested in your own needs being met than a system that can deliver endless features that are all irrelevant to yourself.

Below are some of the most common elements of home automation – those requested by the majority of our Sound Xperience clients – and how they can help you this festive season.

  • Lighting automation is by far the most common form of automation. Use lighting automation to ‘magically’ switch your Christmas display on and off at certain times of the day, or as you walk through your door at night. Never worry about forgetting the lights on and running up a massive Eskom account, lighting automation will handle that for you! Lights can be automated into specific moods or scenes enabling your home to go from ‘date night’ to ‘movie night’ at the touch of a button on you smart device. Lights can also be set into a sequence that will see your lights switch on and off in a certain, pre-programmed sequence. This means that you can set up your home to switch your garden lights when your gate opens.

    Automation makes your festive light display easier to manage than ever before.

  • Multiroom Audio enables you to play sound from different sources to different zones in your home. You can (secretly) be listening to Boney M’s Christmas classics in your man-cave, while your wife cooks up a fantastic Christmas spread while watching Jamie Oliver on her iPad in the kitchen, and your little bundle of joy is glued to A Paw Patrol Christmas (yes – that is a real thing!) in front of the TV. The quality of the sound is uncompromised and everyone’s Christmas enjoyment heightened.
  • Alarm and CCTV integration is especially useful for the security conscious among us, and especially at this time of year when many of us will be away on holiday. Your alarm system can be automated so that the moment your alarm goes off, your lights and sprinklers are activated, ensuring maximum surprise for any unwanted visitors to your home. Your CCTV cameras, linked to a Smart device are easily visible from anywhere in the world, ensuring that even when you are taking your well-deserved year-end break, you can still be fully aware of what is going on it your home (house-sitter, beware!)

There is very little that automation can’t do for you this festive season; the sky really is the limit.

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