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4 Upgrades That Will Transform Your Home Into A Smart Home

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4 Upgrades That Will Transform Your Home Into A Smart Home

People are under the chronic misconception that Home Automation is only for a certain ‘select’ group of people – the elite, who have time and money in abundance, and who rely on interior designers to meet their homely needs. The truth is however; quite the contrary. Home Automation is just another upgrade to your home, installed to make your life more convenient, and anyone, yes, anyone, can benefit from the convenience it offers.

The main process of Home Automation involves the connection of your electronics into one, integrated solution enabling the home’s electronic components to be controlled from a centralised point.

What is brilliant about Home Automation is its ability to be customised – your home is not too big or too small – it can be automated!

Below are the four upgrades to consider to get you started on your Smart Home journey:

  1. Automated Lighting

Bills Bills Bills!!! Are you tired of paying a fortune because little Junior is insistent on switching on every light in the home? After automating your lighting, the least of your worries will be electricity bills. You can control all your lights from anywhere in the world with one simple tap. Turn them off and on as needed, and deal with Junior another day.

  1. Multi-Room Audio

Audio sounds best when delivered from a close source, but connecting wires around the house can look rather shabby. With Multi-Room Audio you can listen to HD Audio seamlessly throughout the entire house without the worry of visible wiring or hardware.

  1. Automated Blinds

Sometimes going around the house opening and closing blinds to let the sun in is just too much effort! Automated blinds come in handy as they can be set to go up when the sun starts to rise and down as it gets dark.

  1. Control the ‘Liveliness’ of Your Home Even When You’re Not There

When going away on holiday, we all worry about the security back at home. Well fret no more as Smart Homes can learn and mimic your habits and routines, making your house appear lived in. While you are away, your blinds can still be opened and closed, and your lights switched on and off at regular times, creating the illusion of a lived-in home. Your alarm can also be set and your doors locked remotely. Should your alarm activate, you can view your home remotely by logging into your CCTV cameras, from anywhere in the world – security at its best.

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