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Affordable CCTV Systems

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Affordable CCTV Systems

Find Affordable CCTV Systems for Your Premises at Sound X Perience

Every property owner should take his or her security very seriously. In the past, installing closed circuit television systems might have been considered an expensive endeavour, but in this day and age, affordable CCTV systems are made readily available on the market. Unfortunately, criminal activity always seems to be on the rise and if you want to safeguard your assets and valuables, a CCTV system is the way to go. While CCTV cameras are purposed with recording data, they are also quite an effective deterrent to criminals. You will find that their presence alone will deter potential illegal activities on your premises.

CCTV systems are designed to record video both day and night. The footage can then be used in the following ways:

  • As evidence in a criminal case.
  • As evidence for disciplinary hearings in the case of a business.
  • To prosecute individuals carrying out criminal activities on the property.
  • To ensure that security is stepped up.
  • To confirm time and attendance of employees at their place of work.

These security systems can also be monitored by remote teams who can ensure that criminal activity is reported and that the required backup or response units are dispatched in the case of emergencies.

When shopping around, you will find that the market offers a variety of CCTV brands and models to choose from. At Sound X Perience, we only stock Swann CCTV camera kits which are designed to offer affordability and exceptional quality. When consulting with one of our team members, you will be advised on a combination of cameras and software to be used to create a custom CCTV setup that simply won’t let you down. While we stock Swann CCTV camera kits, we also professionally install them. Simply let us know what your requirements are and we will ensure that the right system is designed for you. Once the installation is complete, we will ensure that it is functioning properly and that you are aware of all of the features and functions of the unit.

At Sound X Perience, we welcome you to learn more about our affordable CCTV systems and how they can benefit you in terms of safety and security. We encourage all those who want to improve on their security features to contact us via email or telephone to discuss their needs and requirements and to be provided with more information and advice.

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