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DStv Explora Installation Services

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DStv Explora Installation Services

DStv Explora Installation Services Available in Gauteng

It is important to seek out professional DStv Explora installation services when looking to upgrade your DStv services. You may be asking yourself why, because you have a friend who knows a friend who can maybe do it for you. But let’s face it – we are all a little less technically minded than we think we are. Professional and experienced installers will have your new decoder installed quickly and effortlessly without struggling with all the system errors and problems that are associated with self-installations. There is no need to experience a hiccup in your viewing pleasure.

Why are people so enthralled by the new Explora?

If you don’t already have one, are you considering the upgrade? Below are a few reasons why the Explora decoder and service have taken off in SA:

  • The smaller decoder offers a whopping 2TB of storage space, which is a big step up from the previous decoder model that just offered 500GB. This means you can store up to 220 hours of viewing material! That’s certainly impressive.
  • The new Unicable LNB means that you only need 1 cable coming into your home. Say goodbye to the bunch of cables you had to live with before and say hello to a cleaner, neater, sleeker looking home entertainment area.
  • The increased storage size means that you can get your money’s worth from the Catch Up feature. You can view up to 4 prior episodes of your favourite shows!
  • The Box Office catalogue size has received a healthy bump up. Now you can enjoy up to 30 different titles at any given time.
  • The internal hardware of the Explora is faster and this means more efficient services and a better viewing experience for you.
  • The newer and simpler remote is easy to use. Say goodbye to the confusions and frustrations of the previous remote control.
  • The Explora has 3 USB ports available. MultiChoice has indicated that these will be used in the future to upgrade technology for features such as Wi-Fi and even 3G connectivity.

If this does not spur you on to seek out professional DStv Explora installation services and upgrading your home media viewing then we don’t know what will!

At Sound X Perience in Gauteng we offer the market affordable and reliable DStv Explora installation services. Our services are specialised and provided on a professional basis. This means that when visiting your premises, we can provide you with the Explora decoder and further handle your installation quickly and efficiently. Our installers are friendly and professional at all times and will ensure that they disturb your household or business activities as little as possible while they work. All of our Explora installations include the satellite dish, decoder, LNB, all cabling and the actual installation service. What more could you possibly ask for, especially with our rates!

If you are shopping around for DStv Explora installation services in the Gauteng area, take the time to get in touch with us at Sound X Perience. We are available via email or telephone and will do what we can to ensure that your installation request is serviced promptly.

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