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Why Automation Is So Much More Than Just Fancy Lights…

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Why Automation Is So Much More Than Just Fancy Lights…

Fancy lights that turn off and on by themselves – awesome right? Well yes, of course, but today we want to tell you why Home Automation is about so much more than just having fancier lights and cameras than your neighbours (even though that’s cool, and we totally get it!).

Home Automation is about your safety and that of your family. We cannot take for granted how much security we need in today’s day and age. The truth is, we need to create ourselves a fortress. No, no one wants to live in a prison, but the idea is to create a space in which you feel completely comfortable. When you enter your home, you want to unwind, and enjoy quality time with the ones you love – without the worry of crime interrupting your late-night daddy-daughter cuddles.

And that is the beauty of Smart Homes. Once installed, automation becomes an integral part of your living Xperience that keeps you safe, and saves you time.

Once correctly programmed your automation system can ‘sense’ when you have forgotten to lock your doors, set your outside alarm and activate your beams and camera systems. It can then activate these for you, or remind you to do it yourself. Alternatively, you can programme your system to activate all security measures at a certain time of the day, ensuring you constant peace of mind.

If you are not home, you can log into your home’s system from anywhere in the world and check-up on your most valuable possession. Should your alarm be activated when you are not home, a notification will be sent to your phone, enabling you check on your cameras and alert your security company should the need arise.

Essentially, with Home Automation, you are never alone, and nor is your home. A well-automated security system will ensure that your safety is taken care of, and you can spend your time focussing on the more important things in life.

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