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Caring For The Environment, One Automated Home At A Time

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Caring For The Environment, One Automated Home At A Time

Home Automation is a pretty cool addition to any home – lights that switch on and off by themselves, automatic curtains, and coffee-on-demand when you wake up in the morning! Yes, please!

But there is more to this technology than meets the eye, and you might be surprised to know that there are environmental benefits to automating your home.

Have you ever left your home at night and forgotten to switch off the lights and air-conditioning? Well, one of the key features of automation is your home’s ability to ‘know’ when you have left and to ‘react’ appropriately. Motion sensors detect a lack of movement in the room, and after a pre-determined length of time, automatically switch all electronics including lights and air-conditioners off.

The energy-saving capabilities are a sure-fire win for the environment.

Don’t like walking into a hot-house? Programme your home to cool down just minutes before you arrive at home, rather than leaving the air-con on all day.

Fallen asleep in front of the TV, with lights glaring? Programme the lights and TV to switch off when there is no movement in the room.

Take this one step further, why not install a system that can monitor the weather and switch off sprinkler systems when it’s raining?

Win, win, win for the environment!

The capabilities of Smart Homes are endless – it can save you time, money and be gentle on the environment. Why wouldn’t you?

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