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CCTV Integration

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CCTV Integration

Better Security with Affordable and Reliable CCTV Installers

Do you want to beef up security in and around your home, property or business premises?  Do you require a surveillance system to monitor access, staff or your pets?  Are you perhaps battling with stock theft and access control on your property?  All these problems can instantly be dealt with by installing CCTV cameras on your property.

These cameras are placed in strategic places and positions to allow you to monitor and record movement and actions within range, and can be a great tool not only for observation, but also for providing information and evidence where required.  It is, however, crucial for your cameras to be installed in the correct places to allow maximum visibility of the area to be monitored, and to prevent blind spots where the camera view cannot reach.  It is recommended that you only use professional CCTV installers for this job, as they have the skills and experience to know exactly where and how to install your cameras for maximum impact and effectiveness.

At Sound X Perience, we have several professionals who are specialists in this field. Our CCTV installers know how to place and where to install CCTV cameras strategically, in order to enable you to have better surveillance and control over potentially harmful access or activities that may occur on your property.

People sometimes wonder about the effectiveness of CCTV surveillance, but it has repeatedly been proven that surveillance and recording can be very effective when it comes to security measures and the prevention of unlawful entry or behaviour.  CCTV cameras can be set up with sensors that can detect danger approaching and can record for hours at a time.  The feed can be linked to many display or recording devices which can be on or off site.  Advanced systems can even make use of smartphone technology to allow you to control security and access surveillance when you are not at the property – even if you are out of the country!  CCTV footage is now allowed as evidence in court and any criminals caught on camera committing an unlawful act will certainly have some explaining to do!  Studies also show that employees are less likely to commit crimes when they are monitored via CCTV.

Sound X Perience offers you an expansive range of cameras, monitors and control mechanisms which includes SWANN cameras and related kits.  We sell the SWANN 4, 8 and 16 channel kits which include a channel DVR, a 500GB HDD, TVL cameras, camera cables, LAN cables, live viewing on your smartphone or tablet, as well as full installation of everything in the kit.  We also offer the SWANN PRO 750 PTZ, which is a camera that consists of the following; high video quality, 700 TV lines, optical zoom and 360 degree controllable rotation, which is weather resistant and can easily be connected to your DVR for peace of mind around the clock.  In addition to this, we stock another amazing camera, the SWANN ADS 445 IP Camera, which includes 720p WiFi and local network camera with 32 feet night vision, two-way audio with built in microphone, view and control on PC, Mac and smartphone.

All of the installation is included in the price and we will show you how to operate your surveillance equipment effectively.  We offer a superb after-sales care service and deal with your queries swiftly.  We look forward to helping you secure your property – give us a call today!

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