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CCTV & Smart Security Integration

Trust Your CCTV Installations to the Experts

CCTV technology has advanced tremendously in the past decade. Today, IP camera technology and other cutting-edge advancements have changed the landscape of CCTV installations forever. Businesses in South Africa look to CCTV technology to help them protect their premises and assets, ensure that their staff are working correctly and provide them with the ability to monitor their business remotely, using their phones, computers or tablets.

There are a number of other tangible and immediate benefits that CCTV installations pose for every business, including:

  • Increased deterrent – Closed circuit television systems work as a great deterrent for potential criminals and thieves. Once criminals realise that the business is protected by CCTV, it often prevents them from trying their luck.
  • Safe working environment – You may be surprised to learn how much CCTV helps to ensure observance of health and safety policies. It is also an invaluable tool in staff training.
  • Improved detection – Prosecution rates for properties using CCTV are far higher than those that do not have these systems installed. If you or your business fall victim to crime, at least there is a better chance of detection and conviction of the criminals.

These are but a few of the benefits that you can look forward to when investing in CCTV installations.

Cutting-edge and Expert CCTV Installations from Sound X Perience

At Sound X Perience, we bring many years of experience and expertise to the CCTV installations industry. We have been trading to great acclaim in the Kempton Park area for the past twelve years. Our goal has always been to deliver the best quality and personalised service with qualified, experienced staff members.

We always go the extra mile to deliver a friendly experience, competitive prices and expert installations. Our services extend to both private and commercial buildings throughout South Africa, and across the border. Aside from offering the supply and installation of CCTV systems, for both commercial and private buildings, we also offer the following services:

  • DStv supply and installation for private and commercial premises;
  • Home theatre supply and installation;
  • Supply and installation of multi-room sound systems;
  • General audio-visual troubleshooting; and
  • Supply and installation of commercial sound systems.

Why Trust Sound X Perience with Your CCTV Installations?

We are national installers for Swann CCTV solutions. Our specials and installations are available nationally, and we offer leading solutions to cutting-edge CCTV technology, for both business and private residences. Our selection of Swann CCTV products includes camera kits, IP cameras, PTZ cameras, and 4 and 8 channel kits, among others. You can benefit from our extensive selection of great quality camera solutions at the most competitive prices, and rest assured that you will always receive the best prices and services available on the market.

We are passionate about leading our industry forward in innovation and excellence, and continue to provide our clients with the services and solutions that they want. To learn more about our solutions and CCTV installations, contact Sound X Perience to discuss your needs with industry experts and dedicated professionals.

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