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Crime figures are on the increase and everybody in South Africa considers security a high priority. It is no longer enough to have a dog or a fence to keep intruders out, and very sophisticated means are now applied to ensure the security of assets, premises, families and staff members. In many cases, various security systems installed by highly techno-savvy CCTV suppliers and installers are required.

New security solutions will typically include a variety or a combination of the following:

  • CCTV cameras – cameras are installed at security crucial points of the building or premises to enable activity to be monitored or recorded. Often, the presence of cameras is a good deterrent measure, as criminals know that their activities can be monitored or recorded.
  • DVR (digital video recording) – video about the activities perceived by the CCTV are recorded for playback later or for use as evidence.
  • NVR (network video recording) – recording video onto a network makes it available to everybody using the network. Recorded activities can also be viewed on playback for historical records, and used as evidence for insurance and criminal courts.
  • Alarm systems – these vary in how they operate, but usually alarms are triggered either by movement or by disconnecting a current (e.g. opening a door or window). This means that as soon as security is breached, either an audible or non-audible alarm is sounded. Audible alarms are used to deter intruders by informing them that their intrusion has been detected, and often security companies are also notified automatically by the activation of the alarm. They will then rush to secure the premises to ensure safety. Often, they are armed and intruders are likely to avoid getting apprehended by these security guards.
  • Remote viewing capabilities – CCTV cameras can be linked to a wireless or wired system to enable remote viewing from locations away from the premises. This means that a homeowner will be able to monitor their premises from outside, in order to ensure safety before entering. They are also able to monitor the activity at their premises when not at home (e.g. monitoring activities of staff or children left at home).
  • Lights with motion detectors – these can be set up to work in conjunction with CCTV cameras and recording. When movement is detected by the light’s movement sensor, it switches the light on and floods the premises for better visibility for security and for CCTV recording.
  • Access control – there are many different forms of access control. These include remote opening and closing, fingerprint identification, and even eye scan technology. These are all applied to control access or to prevent access to certain sections of the premises by unauthorised persons.

There are many other security measures that can be utilised individually or in combination to form a sound security solution. The important part is that the installation of these systems requires professional installation, and only qualified CCTV suppliers and installers should be allowed to carry out your installation. For instance, positioning of CCTV cameras is crucial to the effectiveness of a CCTV system, and only those who are up to date with the technology and the workings thereof would be able to install these effectively.

If you are looking for a security system to be installed by professional CCTV suppliers and installers, give our experts at South X Perience a call. We will help you to secure your site!

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