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Installation on an 8 Channel CCTV System

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Installation on an 8 Channel CCTV System

Why Professional Installation of an 8 Channel CCTV System is Vital

CCTV systems are used everywhere for various reasons – most commonly they are used for security purposes, but they can also be used for keeping an eye on activities on site, checking up on certain systems, quality control, and observing product in conditions that are not conducive to human interaction. Modern technology ensures that the world of CCTV is always developing, and 8 channel CCTV systems can now be commonly found in South Africa.

While a lot of people choose to do the installation of an 8 channel CCTV system themselves, this can be difficult and it is best to get it professionally installed to avoid the following pitfalls:

  • Choosing the wrong network camera: You have to find the camera that serves your site the best. It is true that not all CCTV cameras are equal, and sometimes a low-cost one looks good but is not suited to your particular environment. Security professionals understand how the different components work together and can help you to choose the correct equipment.
  • Incorrect compression: All video footage has to be compressed to ensure that the files don’t get too large to manage. It is vital to know what the correct compression should be, as this will have a bearing on the type of footage you get and also whether it is admissible in court. During a professional installation of an 8 channel CCTV system, this will be taken into account and the correct settings used.
  • Unsuitable network design: All networks connected to your CCTV cameras and security system have to be suited to the type of environment. Professional installers will know how to set IP addresses, transmission methods, bandwidth, scalability and network security in the correct manner in order to avoid problems further along the line.
  • Information security: Nearly all video feed will contain some information that should not be accessible to others. This means that the installer will have to understand how to install the correct security options, such as firewalls, password protection and setting up virtual private networks – this will prevent your system from being open to the public.
  • Best practices: The experts are able to employ best practices that will allow systems to function better and to avoid common problem areas. This includes the setting up of the cameras at the correct angles and in the correct locations, working with different lighting conditions, interacting with other IT specialists while setting up the system, and also to determine peak times for network usage.

The installation on an 8 channel CCTV system may not appear intricate, but when all the factors that make up an effective security system are taken into account, it becomes obvious that this is not a job that just anyone can do. This is why security experts recommend that you only use qualified, professional technicians to do the installation of your CCTV and security systems. You will get much better results this way! For more information about professional installation, give our experts at Sound X Perience a call today!

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