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Climate Control – Don’t you just love convenience?

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Climate Control – Don’t you just love convenience?

Have you considered smartening up your home? Until recently the idea of smart home automation was relatively unfamiliar to most people.  However, as more products and technologies become more easily accessible, homeowners across the country are upgrading their homes.

The question now is “where do I start automating my home?”. One of the qualities of a smart home is comfort. So if you are to start automating your home, why not consider climate control?

Why would I need climate control when I have an air conditioner? Good Question, so today’s climate control devices are intelligent. With the right products installed in your home, the climate control system can actually “learn” your habits. The system will even anticipate things before you’ve thought of them, and automatically regulate the temperature in the room to the desired effect. Don’t you just love convenience?

The best part is that you can customize your settings to the comfort levels you like and then create a schedule. With all your heating and cooling devices linked to the system, like your fireplaces, air conditioners and your underfloor heating, it only takes a few taps on your phone or touchscreen or even your voice to reach your desired temperature all the time.

Gone are the days of going all the way to the fireplace to heat up the room. Now you can do it whilst lying on the sofa or even when you’re still miles away from your home. Such Convenience!

With the high rise of electric bills, heating or cooling your home can cost an arm and a leg, well maybe not a leg… But with the power in your hands, you’ll notice a drop in electricity consumption. I mean what could be more desirable?

Simply set the functions for your temperature settings to ensure optimal efficiency. Your blinds can be set to raise during the day to let the sun in, and then lowered later in the day to keep the warmth in.

Fan control measures the temperature and humidity at two points, that is the floor and the ceiling. The fans can the turn on and off at various times throughout the day to help circulate air, the air conditioner or heater can turn on just before you arrive home. When you step into your home voila! The temperature is just right.

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