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Controlling your home from your watch – one of 2018’s most exciting #SmartHome developments!

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Controlling your home from your watch – one of 2018’s most exciting #SmartHome developments!

Let’s face it, life is getting tougher and tougher. Everyday, prices go up, traffic gets more gridlocked, and your boss complains just a tiny bit more than the day before! It seems like a never-ending cycle of doom-and-gloom – but we are here to break that cycle. You’re welcome!

You see, one thing that just keeps getting better is technology. And while that might sound not particularly relevant to your day to day issues, you would be wrong.

You see, technology is there to make your life easier. Take Home Automation for example. Forget having to rush home because you forgot to set your home alarm this morning – with a #SmartHome, you can do that from anywhere using your smart phone or tablet, easy-peasy.

But what if you are sitting in a meeting with your boss (Sir Grump-a lot!), and pulling out your phone is going to be considered unprofessional and rude? Well, technology has the answer for you too!

Cue #Control4’s latest app which enables you to control your #HomeAutomation system, FROM YOUR WATCH! Yip, talk about being #FutureReady!

The app combines #SmartHomes with #SmartWatches and delivers a rich Xperience in which the interactions that you would want to reach the fastest, will be available on your wristwatch, taking convenience to a whole new level.

According to Control4 themselves

Some of the key features of the app include:

  • Actions: Single-button control of your most popular and used shortcuts and scenes to set a mood or make a quick change.
  • Media: See what audio or video is playing in each room in your house and change volume, add additional rooms, or switch media players off.
  • Thermostats: See all thermostats in your home, adjust the temperature, and apply presets.
  • Lighting: Control individual lights in any room of your house or activate lighting scenes that control many lights at the same time.
  • Security: Check status of locks, unlock or lock doors, and open or close garage doors.
  • Local or Remote: Control your home from the comfort of your couch, or use your watch when you’re away at work or traveling.

It’s time to work Smarter, not harder!

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