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Everything You Want To Know About Control4 Home Automation

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Everything You Want To Know About Control4 Home Automation

Life’s hectic! With so much to do and so little time, it’s comforting to know that your home is the one place that will be safe and in order. Many features of an automated home will allow you to sit back and relax, knowing that you have installed the best tech to keep your home in check, whether you are in or out.

And the best part is that a home automation price can be customized to suit individual budgets. So, without further ado, here are the top Control4 devices every smart home needs.

Video Doorbells

With the Intercom Anywhere system in place at your home, you are able to monitor and communicate with any room in the house. You can find out who’s at the front door without having to physically go there. The tech is integrated with a smartphone or tablet app, which allows you to see who’s ringing the doorbell, and that’s not all. You not only get to greet your visitors with the integrated intercom, but you can also allow them to enter your home with a simple tap on the smartphone/tablet app.

Worried about troublemakers in the neighborhood? Don’t be. Control4’s smart controls allow homeowners to monitor their front door even when they are not at home. With smart automation, get alerts sent to your smartphone or computer whenever someone’s at the door. In this way, the technology gives you complete peace of mind, knowing that the security of your home is in good hands.

Smart Lighting Options

Smarter lighting options, thanks to home automation, mean that homeowners can have more flexibility with the smart devices they choose for their home. With a whole lineup of lighting variations to suit your preferred ambiance, Control4 lighting allows homeowners to save big with smart technology.

Control4 lighting systems can be integrated with existing lighting fixtures, and can be preset to operate whether you are at home or not. Set the Control4 lighting system so that the lights switch off once you leave home, and switch on just before you arrive at your home.

With Control4 smart lighting, you can also control the lights of your entire home with the help of a remote. Forgot to turn off the lights this morning? No problem, just open the Control4 smartphone app and switch off or on selected lights or all the lights of your home remotely. With the Control4 smart lighting system, homeowners are able to save big on their monthly energy bill by conserving energy.

Getting an automated home can be a big investment, which is why you would want to get it right the first time. When it comes to installing home automation devices it pays to hire experienced professionals who will be able to deliver exceptional service, devices with the best home automation features at the best Control4 prices. Experienced home automation experts have the hands-on skill and knowledge that’s needed to design and implement smart home devices so that you are able to benefit the most from an automated home.

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