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Essential Features Of A Home Automation System

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Essential Features Of A Home Automation System

The performance of a home automation in South Africa will largely depend on the way it has been designed, configured and installed. While hiring a good home automation dealer could solve this problem, there are some inherent features which all automated devices should share if you really want whole home integration to be worth the investment. Following are some features that your home automation devices should have.


While you may want to wrap up multiple home automation devices together, and the home automation dealer may have selected the devices that integrate with each other, it’s important to make sure those devices play well with other devices that you plan on including in your home automation in the future.

Home automation is all about integrating multiple smart devices together, so while being able to control the lights, A/V gear, and temperature from a single-user interface (smartphone app or tablet), what if you want to install smart audio in future?

Creating your smart home is not all about how the devices work now, but also about whether these devices are able to scale when needed in the future. In other words, you do not want to be stuck with a control system or device that isn’t able to sync with your existing home automation system.

Software Updates

Software updates are what is going to keep your home automation devices fresh and relevant. Since new automation technology is being introduced to the market almost every week, homeowners need to make sure the devices they are using will not need to be frequently changed just so it can stay relevant to the new software updates.

Hiring a professional service provider means that they will choose devices that will stay relevant for years because of frequent software updates to keep the software and hardware up-to-date with the latest trends.

User-Friendly User Interface

Smart homes by definition should make your life easier around the house. Smart devices are able to do that because they are pre-programmed to carry out particular functions during a particular time of day. This is where the role of the user interface comes in. Since there are numerous types of automation devices and the user interfaces that go with them, it is important that you choose one that has a simple and easy to use user interface; preferably, one that can allow you to control all of your smart devices with a single app.

Contrary to popular belief the cost of home automation in South Africa is not very high. This is good news for all those looking forward to getting a smart home…

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