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Control4 acquires Triad Speakers: A match made in heaven

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Control4 acquires Triad Speakers: A match made in heaven

Wallace and Gromit, bacon and eggs, Salt and pepper, dogs and bones – some things are just made to be together, it’s undeniable.

Another perfect partnership has just been formed, and we say it’s a match made in heaven.

Smart Home specialists, Control4 have recently announced their acquisition of Triad Speakers, leaders in advanced audio technology offering customizable speaker-solutions.

“Entertainment is integral to the connected home and our Control4 dealers are designing end-to-end experiences for family room entertainment, home theaters, and indoor and outdoor multi-room music for their customers,” said Martin Plaehn, Control4 Chairman and CEO.

This is the exciting part… The acquisition of Triad brings proven premium-acoustics experience and innovation to the company, enabling Control4 to further their entertainment offering and develop new integrated-audio experiences for the future.

Triad currently offers a full range of high-quality, built-to-order premium audio speakers to meet the discerning demands of homeowners – for home theaters, family rooms, whole-home or multi-room audio, as well as for outdoor environments. The company’s 30-year heritage of delivering exceptional audio solutions is rooted in its unwavering attention to detail, its uncompromising focus on the quality of the listening experience, and the customisation of its products, adding to a home’s décor.

“At Triad, high-quality audio, custom design, and seamless integration have been the standards that we will continue delivering to our dealers and their end customers,” said Larry Pexton, founder and CEO of Triad. “Becoming part of the Control4 family enables us to expose our engineering expertise to those homeowners in the broader market of home automation and entertainment who are passionate about their listening experience.”

The acquisition of Triad is a strategic addition to the Control4 entertainment portfolio, which includes the fully programmable Control4® EA-series controllers with native high-resolution streaming music services, its family of multi-room audio matrix switches and amplifiers, and its family of ultra-HD 4K video matrix switches with audio down-mixing capabilities.

So, like ice-cream and chocolate sauce, we reckon this match is one for the books.

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