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Home Cinema Brilliance At Its Best At Serengeti Estate

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Home Cinema Brilliance At Its Best At Serengeti Estate

Let’s be honest, we all love going to the movies. There is just something so very intoxicating about the smell of the popcorn in the dark, and being completely surrounded by the sights and sounds of another, far-away world.

There is only one Xperience, in our opinion, which comes close to the utter indulgence of the movie-going Xperience – the movie-going Xperience in your very own home.

When a resident of Serengeti Golf and Lifestyle Estate granted Sound Xperience access to her home, it was an opportunity to make a family’s wish come true.

Our client’s specifications – a top-notch home cinema Xperience! Our aim was to supply and install the best home cinema possible, one that could keep our customer, and her family away from the movie house, and in her home cinema room instead. A perfect place to watch the big game with family and friends, and to Xperience movies and music in all their perfect glory.

We started off with a magnificent Denon AVR X3300 amp, and a Jamo D500 THX 7.1 system, accompanied by a Jamo J112 sub-woofer. To this we added a crystal clear Screen Innovations Slate 120-inch screen and an Optoma UHD 60 projector, all wired with the best quality Wire World cable.

A unique added touch to this magnificent cinema room was the movie-themed acoustic panels, carefully positioned to ensure ultimate sound management.

What we achieved from this was phenomenal, uncompromised sound quality, and clean, bright picture quality, far superior to that in your average, run-of-the-mill movie theatre.

A project like this gives our Sound Xperience technicians the opportunity to put their expert skills to good use, to show what a willing team is capable of achieving. The end result: a sleek and stylish 12-seater home cinema room that sounds as good as it looks. So no matter how good or bad the movie itself, we guarantee the watching Xperience will be well worth it!

In the words of one of the greatest movie legends of all time, Jedi Master Yoda: Do or do not. There is no try.

We chose to do, and do we did.

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