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Designer Multiroom Audio

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Designer Multiroom Audio

Sound Quality without compromising the beauty of your home

So, you’ve spent years dreaming up your designer home.  You’ve put in the hours, planned everything down to the last T, and now, your dream has become reality; and you’re beautiful dream home is in the beginning stages of construction.  We know that you have spent countless hours designing everything in your home to be clean cut and precise, so that all your time and effort will be rewarded with a home that looks and feels amazing.

At Sound X Perience we understand that you now need quality sound that is as beautiful as your dream home is; quality sound that won’t take away from the look of your home.  Every designer home deserves a sound solution that will complement its beauty.

In-ceiling speakers

When it comes to in-ceiling speakers, there are countless options to choose from.  Most commonly, 6” or 8” speakers are used to setup a Multiroom Audio System.  However, if you’re looking for smaller speakers for background music in a certain area of your home, we would recommend Jamo IC102 speakers.  These speakers fit into the standard downlight size hole.  The advantage of this would be that these speakers are barely noticeable.  With the small size of the speakers, a stand-alone subwoofer would be required to get a full rounded sound, these subs can be added into a corner so they are very unnoticeable as well.  These speakers are a must-have for every designer home.

Volume control

Traditionally, Multiroom Audio Systems were controlled by individual volume controls  in each respective room, which would  reduce the amount of remotes needed to operate various systems in each room, but, it is also carried an important design aspect..  Volume controls fit neatly in-wall next to a light switch/light adjusting controller, creating a clean look for each room. However, due to advancing technology, all volume control and source selection on Multiroom Systems is now done on smartphones and tablets over your wifi network, making this system the ultimate choice for a designer home.

Neat, simple solutions

With a designer home, your main focus would be to ensure that all additional components fit neatly with the design of your home.  Essentially, you want to keep a central theme and every additional element adds to the overall theme and feel of your home.  A massive advantage of Multiroom Systems is that in-ceiling speakers are so subtle that they are mostly unnoticeable; therefore, they will not take away from the aesthetics of your home.

If design is your focus, we have a system to provide quality sound that will only add to the beauty of your home.

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