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DStv Installation Johannesburg

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DStv Installation Johannesburg

Superior DStv Installation in Johannesburg is Here!

Do you live in Gauteng and have decided to get DStv?  Have you moved recently and need to have your dish reinstalled?  At Sound X Perience, we offer a fast and superior installation service for our clients around Gauteng and the surrounding areas.  We also provide DStv decoders and all of the accessories at very affordable prices.  If you need DStv installation in Johannesburg, our accredited and well-qualified staff will install your DStv dish, ensure proper and quality cabling and make sure that you have all of the right settings and wirings that you will need to connect your decoder.  We will even explain how to use your decoder effectively.

We offer different packages with different pricing structures for you to choose from.  We have a HD single kit, which includes an 80cm dish, a high definition single decoder, a single LNB and 40 meters of cabling.  We also offer the HD Explora kit, which includes an 80cm dish, an HD Explora decoder, dual LNB and 20 meters of cabling.  All of the installations are included in the price and we make sure that the job is done professionally to prevent any further problems from occurring down the line.

If you need XtraView facilities in a guest room, hotel rooms for your guests or tenants to enjoy, there are different options for our clients to choose from.  If you require XtraView on the single HD decoder, only a single extra view can be added.  If you opt for an Explora HD decoder, you can either have a single XtraView or an Explora XtraView.  This will enable your guests to watch DStv on a separate television and give them access to all of the channels, while being able to independently change channels for their enjoyment and great viewing.

DStv has channels from all over the world and offers a variety of movie channels, the National Geographic channel, the History channel, sports channels, a number of well-known news channels, daytime soaps and many more programmes from around the world.  There is always something for everybody to enjoy and once you have DStv, relaxing in front of the television will almost certainly become more enjoyable and fulfilling.  Having the option of many different channels gives you more choice and ultimately gives you more control over what you would like to watch and participate in.

At Sound X Perience, we make sure that you stay entertained at all times.  We have staff on call to assist you, even if you need assistance after hours.  For reliable, quality DStv installations in Johannesburg, look no further than Sound X Perience.  We offer quality and a level of professionalism that ensures excellent service and some of the best products on the market.  Call us today and give us a chance to add bliss to your home entertainment!

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