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Why Control4 Should Be On Your 2020 To-Do List

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Why Control4 Should Be On Your 2020 To-Do List

Control4 has been in the Home Automation
industry since 2003 and is available in South Africa through exclusive
distributors, Homemation. They are absolute class-leaders in all things
automated, and anyone who is anyone wants to be affiliated with them.

Everything You Need To Know About C4 Home Automation

Life is hectic! With so much to do and so
little time, it’s comforting to know that your home is the one place that is
safe and in order. Many features of an automated home will allow you to sit
back and relax, knowing that you have installed the best tech to keep your home
in check, whether you are home or not.

Home Automation, in some way, shape or
form, finds itself in most modern homes, and many not-such-modern homes as
well. From the Universal remote to Universal control, Home Automation has made
our lives so much easier than we could ever have previously imagined.

At the touch of a button or the swipe of a
screen, your home is at your beck and call from anywhere in the world. Imagine
hearing your home’s doorbell ring, while you are sitting in a bar across town
having after-work drinks. One swipe, and you can see your wife and children
standing outside your front door, having somehow managed to lock their keys
inside. One more swipe, and the door unlocks, they enter, and it locks behind
them again, while lighting sensors automatically light up the foyer of your
home. You can go back to your drink, after remotely activating your outside
alarm system, knowing that your loved ones are safe and secure, even when you
are not physically there.

What Can A Control4 Home Automation System Do For You?

The truth is, we can’t sum it up all that
easily, because when it comes to Control4, your imagination really is the

Over the past few years, Sound X Perience,
together with Control4, has automated home after home with beautifully advanced
lighting systems, blind solutions, and multiroom audio systems.  We have drawn plans for projects that are
still in the pipeline, and have retrofitted automation into dozens of homes. We
have taken customers from newbies knowing little to nothing about what they
really need, to AV boffins who have tried and tested our abilities.

We have come to love home automation like
never before, having been challenged, and succeeded. We are true pundits for
the products we sell, knowing that they truly are the Simple, Smart Solution.

Control4 is one of the best-known names in
the Home Automation industry, and for good reason. Control4 is a simple to use,
everything-in-one-place solution to all your Home Automation needs. One control
panel that will simply change your life.

C4 Your Home, C4 Your Life

The world of Home Automation can be a bit
of a minefield. But fear not, we at Sound X Perience are here to help, and we
pride ourselves on seeing the individuality in each of our client’s projects
and bringing each individual dream to life.

So, with so much on offer, what can we
actually do for you? Our main objective is to integrate all of the aspects of
your home, creating an easy to use network of shortcuts to minimize frustration
and maximize pleasure in your home.

We, at Sound X Perience are extremely proud
to align ourselves with Control 4, the leaders in Home Automation technology,
to bring you a holistic, integrated solution to your automation needs.

So, what is it exactly that we integrate,
and how does this help you?

  • Multiroom Audio

Multiroom Audio enables you to play sound
from different sources to different zones in your home without compromising on
quality. Why confine the enjoyment to one room, when every room in your home
could have its own soundtrack.

  • Alarm and CCTV

Alarm and CCTV Integration is especially
useful for the security conscious. Your alarm system can be automated so that
the moment your alarm goes off, your lights will come on, you will receive
instant updates, and you can view your home with your CCTV.

  • HD Distribution

HD Distribution enables you to distribute
high definition pictures throughout your home from multiple sources – providing
perfect picture quality no matter where in your home you are.

  • Control4 Everything

Other aspects of your home that can be
automated include door locks that automatically lock at a certain time of the
day; curtains that open and close at the touch of a button; sprinkler systems,
air-conditioners, lights, cameras, and almost any other electronic appliance in
your home.

We are here to make sure that your Home
Automation experience is one that is pure pleasure, and will have you coming
back for more. We are there for you from start to finish – starting right now!

Control4’s Smart Lighting Options

Smarter lighting options, thanks to Home Automation,
mean that homeowners can have more flexibility with the smart devices they
choose for their home. With a whole line-up of lighting variations to suit your
preferred ambiance, Control4 lighting allows homeowners to save big with smart

Control4 lighting systems can be integrated
with existing lighting fixtures, and can be pre-set to operate whether you are
at home or not. Set the Control4 lighting system so that the lights switch off
once you leave home, and switch on just before you arrive at your home.

With Control4 Smart Lighting, you can also
control the lights of your entire home with the help of a remote. Forgot to
turn off the lights this morning? No problem, just open the Control4 smartphone
app and switch off or on selected lights or all the lights of your home
remotely. With the Control4 smart lighting system, homeowners are able to save
big on their monthly energy bill by conserving energy.

Getting an automated home can be a big
investment, which is why you would want to get it right the first time. When it
comes to installing home automation devices it pays to hire experienced
professionals who will be able to deliver exceptional service, devices with the
best home automation features at the best Control4 prices. Experienced home
automation experts have the hands-on skill and knowledge that’s needed to
design and implement smart home devices so that you are able to benefit the
most from an automated home.

Video Doorbells With A Bit Of Control4 Flair

With the Intercom Anywhere system in place
at your home, you are able to monitor and communicate with any room in the
house. You can find out who’s at the front door without having to physically go
there. The tech is integrated with a smartphone or tablet app, which allows you
to see who’s ringing the doorbell, and that’s not all. You not only get to
greet your visitors with the integrated intercom, but you can also allow them
to enter your home with a simple tap on the smartphone/tablet app.

Worried about troublemakers in the
neighbourhood? Don’t be. Control4’s smart controls allow homeowners to monitor
their front door even when they are not at home. With smart automation, get
alerts sent to your smartphone or computer whenever someone’s at the door. In
this way, the technology gives you complete peace of mind, knowing that the
security of your home is in good hands.

Award Winning – Smart Home Industry Leaders

Control4, has once again shown itself to be
an industry leader by winning big at the annual Integrated Systems Europe
#ISE2019 show in Amsterdam.

At the show, which took place last year,
Control4 was recognised with a Top New Technology (TNT) award for its Certified

According to Jason Knott, editor of CE Pro,
the annual awards program recognises new, outstanding products and services
presented at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). “Integrators from all around the
world today operate diverse companies that cover both the residential and
commercial markets. The 2019 Top New Technology (TNT) Awards can help
integrators filter their product decisions by identifying the best in new
technology,” said Knott.

Control4’s Certified Showrooms are a
destination for home-owners, architects, designers and builders to learn about
Smart Homes in a hands-on environment. Offering demonstrations which feature
the most popular technologies, including Smart Lighting, Scenes, Multi-Room
Audio, and Security, the Control4 Certified Showrooms offer builders,
architects, designers and home-owners the opportunity to work with dealers to
design a Smart Home that suits their own lifestyle.

Home Automation are no longer the future of
home technology, they are the now, and Control4 is helping home-owners’
transition into the world of Smart Living, one showroom at a time.

Come #C4Yourself At Our Sound X Perience Home Automation Demo Centre

Where else could you go to experience a
complete walk-through of a working Smart Home system? At Sound X Perience we
open up the world of possibilities that Home Automation allows for, and you can
see it all happening, right before your eyes.

Start off by ringing the unassuming
door-bell, and prepared to be blown away by what happens next. Our
highly-qualified sales team will begin the demonstration with a look at the
Control 4 intercom system and the automated door-locks, which enable simple,
fuss-free security from absolutely anywhere in the world.

Once you have entered our showroom, our
team will take you through the endless possibilities offered by Control 4 Home

See how pre-determined scenes can transform
your home as your mood dictates, at the touch of a button. Set scenes for
homework, dinner, TV time and bedtime, and see them in action, for yourself.

At Sound X Perience we are proud of what we
do, and we are thrilled to show off our favourite products to you at our
various in-store show rooms, enabling our valued clients the opportunity to see
what they are buying, before taking the plunge.

Want to C4 yourself? Set up an appointment
to meet us and let us show you a system that will exceed even your wildest

Never Stop Innovating – The OS 3 System Update

Control4 is never behind the times, and
aims to keep their products ahead of the times, at all times. They routinely
issue updates and enhancements to ensure their products are nothing short of
the best. The OS 3 System update aims to personalise, as well as simplify your
Smart Home experience. After all, what good is technology that out-smarts its

Control4 Smart Home OS 3 has new features,
a fresh interface, and more than a thousand enhancements. The update enables
you to personalise and organise your Smart Home by creating favourite rooms,
devices, and scenes and organise them to your liking.

The ability to simply swipe and tap, allows
the end-user to navigate and control their smart home quickly and easily.
Another fun and rather a unique function is the ability to add customised
wallpaper backgrounds to each of the room panels to make them more distinct or
to match your interior décor.

Sound X Perience Is A Proud C4 DIAMOND Dealer!

So why choose us to automate your life,
when there are many other options out there? The answer is simple!

Sound X Perience has long been proud of our
association with top brands in the AV industry, and our relationship with the
leaders in the world of Home Automation, Control4, is one that we are
particularly prone to bragging about.

At Sound X Perience, we can proudly boast that not only are we affiliated to this phenomenal brand, we are in fact certified Diamond dealers! This guarantees that when you deal with Sound X Perience, you are dealing with talented, well-trained installers, project managers and AV experts. It confirms that you are dealing with one of the best in the business – and who wouldn’t want to brag about that!

Want To Know More?

As we hope that you can tell, we at Sound X Perience are extremely proud of our work with Control4, and would love the opportunity to share it with you. Get in touch with us for a Control 4 demo, or chat to one of our experienced sales consultants who will be able to assist you with any further queries that you may have.

We look forward to chatting to you, and
can’t wait to C4 your life!


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