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Make Your Automation Journey Easier With Home Automation Finance Options

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Make Your Automation Journey Easier With Home Automation Finance Options

Get your dream Home Automation solution with our Home Automation Finance option. We at Sound X Perience are firm believers that Home Automation is for EVERYONE! What might not be for everyone though, is the up-front cost. Well, we have good news for you on that front.

Sound X Perience is proud to have partnered with a registered Financial Services Provider to be able to offer qualifying customers attractive home automation finance options on Smart Home Solutions and Home Cinemas.

home automation finance

While we all dream of a home that works for us, making our lives easier at the touch of a button, many of us are impatient, and are looking for fast gratification. We want our Smart Home, and we want it now.

This is where our new Financing offering could benefit you most. For as little as only R30 000 per month, you could, once approved, have your Home Automated, right away. Or, for as little as R15 000 per month, you could have your very own Home Cinema, which trust us, is a must.

T’s and C’s obviously apply, and affordability will naturally be taken into account – we care about our customers too much to allow you to over-indulge before you are entirely ready.

Why Apply for Home Automation Finance?

So, why would you want to apply for finance on something as luxurious as a Smart Home? Well, for exactly that reason. We know that you work hard for everything that you have, and you deserve the nice things in life. What can a Smart Home do for you?

One of the major benefits of automating your home is the convenience that it offers. For starters, most home automation systems can integrate a variety of appliances and household systems. For instance, you can control your alarm system, television, home entertainment system, household central locking system and a great deal more, from the comfort of your couch or from an external venue. Home automation has quite literally changed the way many people live and enjoy their lives, and why wouldn’t you want that?

So, if you are considering automating your home, and want to find out if home automation finance would be an option for you, feel free to get in touch and we will happily walk you through the process. Happy automating everyone!


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