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What Better Time To Invest In Home Entertainment?

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What Better Time To Invest In Home Entertainment?

One thing that spending weeks, and even months at home during the Covid-19 lockdown has taught us, is the value of a great Home Entertainment system. Never before have we spent so many hours looking at our screens, and never before has the quality of our TV’s been more important.

With our leaders encouraging us to stay home, to protect ourselves, and those we know and love, we have seen a massive push towards the upgrading of Home Entertainment Systems. And why not? For the first time, going out is frowned upon, and investing in your Home Entertainment System makes a whole lot of sense.

Time to upgrade your Home Entertainment

So how can you upgrade your Home Entertainment System. At Sound X Perience, we have almost 20 years’ worth of experience in giving our customers the upgrades they need. Whether it is a brand-new Sound Bar to upgrade the sub-par sound quality currently emanating from your TV, or a full on Multiroom Audio System, which enables you to control your entire home from one central location – we have something for everyone, and every budget.

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We also specialise in building Home Entertainment systems that can be grown over a couple of years. Start with the foundations now, and enjoy them while you save up for the next phase of your upgrade.

One of the most popular end-goals of an upgraded Home Entertainment System is, of course, a full Multiroom Audio System, which will eliminate any and all desire to head out of the house for your entertainment options. With a full Multiroom Audio System you will enjoy the ability to stream music by means of any wireless device in your home. You will be able to enjoy different audio in every room in your home, and control that audio from one central point, be it a smartphone of a control panel.

An upgraded Home Entertainment System will see you enjoying superior sound and picture quality, way better than what you currently have. An entirely immersive entertainment system, one that far supersedes anything in the outside world, is only a phone call away, and it’s a phone call we guarantee you won’t regret making.

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Here are some tips to consider when deciding on a home entertainment system:

Only here for the essentials? We made it easy for you. Here are the key things to consider when choosing a home entertainment system:

  • The TV. If you don’t already have a TV to build your home entertainment around, you’ll need one. If you do already have a TV and it’s not a 4K HDR TV, consider getting a new one because they are extraordinary. Plus, given all the connectivity options built-in, you’ll be set for the future. Today’s new smart televisions are way easier to connect to everything else, whether components, streaming audio, or video, thanks to Wi-Fi built-in, Bluetooth, and so on.

  • Your room. Some home entertainment systems have big speakers, some have small. (Technically, bigger is better when it comes to audio quality, but certain brands offer small and medium-sized speakers that kick serious derrière in spite of their size.) The point: Given your room’s size, design, and style preferences, think about what size speakers you want from a decor perspective, which will also drive your receiver selection. Decide whether you want some seriously obvious speakers or perhaps you prefer the very discreet look where speakers are hidden in walls and ceilings.
  • Streaming devices. An awesome side benefit of getting a home entertainment system? The right home entertainment receiver can double as a multi-talented hub for streaming just about anything – audio from your computer, phone, or tablet… and from online apps like Spotify and Apple Music. What’s more, if you have wireless speakers in the house, your home theater receiver can tap into those as well, so you can play your music all around the house.
  • Ease of set up. Most home entertainment systems are plug and play, but if you are looking for an advanced system, speak with one of our skilled Sound X resources to make your home entertainment dreams a reality, without the hassle.


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