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Say no to speakers that make your home look ugly

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Say no to speakers that make your home look ugly

Gone are the days of nasty looking audio-visual equipment ruining the aesthetic of your beautiful home. You see, clever creatives, sitting in their design hubs around the world seem to have realised that a home owner is unlikely to spend loads of money on something his wife and her interior designer consider, let’s face it, UGLY!

Two distinctly different options exist when contemplating how to bring beautiful sound to your even more beautiful space.

For those of you who prefer for your equipment to create a talking point in your home; stylish, sleek and rather sexy audio-visual equipment is now the norm. You have, after all, spent good money on something quite spectacular, who wouldn’t want to show it off and brag a little?

The Jamo Concert Series speakers offer just that – gorgeous sound quality coupled with a bold and rather beautiful design that will have your friends drooling. Other options include the Klipsch Reference R28 collection and the Boston M350.

For those of you more traditional in taste, who prefer for the beauty in life to be slightly more subtle, hidden speakers are also an option. You can have perfect sound quality without having to see bulky equipment anywhere in your home. These are installed at the building stage by placing the speakers inside the wall and then plastering over the top of them. Style at its understated best.

A spectacular audio and visual Xperience has become as paramount to the home as any other factor, and should not be shunned and treated as an after-thought. You are spending good money on equipping your space with quality equipment, make sure that it fits the aesthetic of your environment, adding to the grace and glamour, rather than detracting from the beauty of the place you call home.

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