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Smart Homes

Home Automation

It’s just a smarter way to live!  With technology advancing by the minute, there is no reason why every home in South Africa should not be a Smart Home, and your home is certainly not the exception.

With automation, your home can be so much more than just a home, it can be a showpiece; a masterpiece – something you can be proud to showcase to your family and friends. More than this, your home will become more functional than ever before – your home will start working for you, making your life more efficient.

From automated lighting and security systems, to home cinemas and climate control; your Smart Home should be working for you. Here is how: #smarthomes #homeautomation #control4 #elansystems #axuim

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Lighting Automation

Lighting Automation is the most visible aspect of your Smart Home.  Most automation happens behind the scenes and could easily go unnoticed by visitors, but lighting is central to any good home x-perience. A Control4 / Elan automation system enables you to set the mood in your home at the touch of a button. Pre-program scenes – anything from ‘date-night’, which could dim your home lights in every room but the kitchen and bathroom, to ‘movie night’ and ‘80’s dance party’.

Set your scene to run a sequence of events with your lights. Imaging a ‘late night’ scene, where your garden and entrance hall lights automatically switch on as you open your driveway gate. These lights stay on for a few minutes until you have closed your gate and entered your home. Thereafter dim lights switch on, lighting your way towards the kitchen, where you grab a glass of water and head off to bed. In your bedroom, only your dressing room light is on, dimmed to the lowest setting, enabling you to slink into bed ever so silently, without waking the Mrs. #control4 #elansystems #lightingautomation #smarthomes #homeautomation

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A brilliant security system can put your mind at ease, knowing that your home is being looked after. A brilliant automated security system will guarantee that you sleep easier at night, knowing that you are doing the best you can to look after your home and your family, whether you are at home, or not. Control4 /Elan home automation systems can be programmed to suit your individual security needs. From locking all outside facing doors at a certain time of day, to setting off sirens and sprinklers when suspicious activity is suspected outside.

Set an ‘at home’ scene, which can be programmed to mimic daily activity in your home, even when you are not there. Lights will switch on and off, deterring criminals who might be watching your home.

Modern day CCTV systems can be viewed on most mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets.. You do not need to be in your home to view them; they can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a decent internet connection. IP & AHD (Analogue HD) cameras solutions can be designed with your specific needs in mind. These are ideal for bigger premises and provide exceptional picture quality. #control4 #elansystems #homeautomation #securityautomation #homeautomation

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Home Cinema

The Ultimate Home Cinema Xperience – Sitting in the comfort of your own home, lazing in a state-of-the-art cinema seat, munching on fresh, popcorn, and enjoying the latest Hollywood blockbuster on early release. Nothing could be more relaxing than being transported into a world that a film-director wanted you to xperience, with picture and sound quality so superb, that one could almost mistake the xperience for real life.

A Home Cinema can be designed to your specific needs – whether it be a 1 seater man-cave to give you that well deserved break from real-life, or a 20 seater neighbourhood gathering place – we can design it to suit you, perfectly.

A top of the range High End  AV Receiver, teamed with industry-leading High End speakers and a flagship Screen Innovation screen make for a viewing xperience that can only be surpassed by real life. #denon #jamospeakers #mksound #rotel #nad #klipschspeakers #bostonaccusticspeakers #monitoraudio #homecinema #smarthomes.

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Climate Control

Winter is coming! It might be getting cold outside, but fear not, your home can be excluded from the icy winter ahead.

With a decent automated HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) system, integrated into your Control4/ Elan automation system, you can log into your home at any time, to adjust the temperature settings to suit you. Before joining the traffic for the long drive home, log into your automation system and set the temperature to what you would like to xperience when you arrive home. Allow your home to prepare itself for you – welcoming you into a warm and loving environment after a long day at the office. #smarthome

Occupancy sensors will identify when a room has remained unoccupied for a pre-determined amount of time, and will automatically switch off your AC, saving energy and the planet at the same time. #homeautomation

Integrating this system into your automation system means that you no longer need to run your HVAC system when you are on your annual ski trip. Simply pre-set a holiday scene with your dates and your house will know to set the temperature for you when you get back. #control4 #elansystems #climatecontrol

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Multiroom Audio

Sleek, stylish functionality. Gone are the days of big bulky speakers ruining the aesthetic appeal of your beautifully designed home. With today’s technology of ‘small package, big sound’, you can get flawless, brilliant sound throughout your home, without having to see any equipment at all.

That being said, much of the equipment is so beautifully designed, that many style conscious home owners chose to make display features out of sound equipment, creating a talking point for people visiting the home.

Choose between wired and wireless installations for the exact look and feel that you would like to achieve, without compromising on style and sophistication. #multiroomaudio #multiroom #audiocontrol #smarthome #wholehomeaudio #wholehomesound #thebestsoundsystem

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