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JVC And Black Diamond – A Match Made In AV Heaven

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JVC And Black Diamond – A Match Made In AV Heaven

Every year, trends sweep across the world, and millions buy into them – for good reason. In 2019, Premium Home Cinemas are becoming the yard-stick by which success is measured, and the bigger, the better.

A True Audio Visual Xperience

When it comes to quality in the AV field, we know what we are talking about! We know that what you want is more than just a movie; more than just a soundtrack – what you want is an Audio Visual X Perience. You want to be taken on a journey to a far-away land; a land of mystery and intrigue, and plenty of make-believe. You want absolute immersion – to forget that you are only watching a movie and to truly believe that you are there, walking hand-in-hand with your favourite movie stars.

So what makes for a top-notch home cinema experience? Well, there is no denying that sound quality is of the utmost importance, but good sound is only half the battle won, which is why today, we would like to talk about picture quality, and how to get the best of it.

So you want the best of the best – consider a JVC Home Cinema Projector, paired with a Screen Innovations Black Diamond Screen.

JVC Home Cinema Projector

Let’s start with a JVC Home Cinema Projector – we all know that these are some of the best in the business, and a quick demo will show you why, instantly.

JVC offers a series of 4K Ultra High Definition projectors that produce stunning picture quality, and will be the perfect addition to your high-end Home Cinema in 2019. In short, it is absolutely everything you need to enjoy the best images in the very best quality available.

Their projectors support the latest video-streaming services and copyright-protected content such as UHD Blu-ray disks, as well as HDR technology, which enables the accurate reproduction of realistic, dynamic images in which finer graduations and colours are clearly visible, even in the lightest lights and the darkest areas of a picture.

JVC projectors create full immersion in the activities on screen by the 4K capabilities of their devices. 4K is fast becoming mainstream for broadcasting, streaming and optical discs, and these projectors will make the most of it by providing a bright, vibrant picture, rich in detail.

But a brilliant projector choice needs to be paired with a brilliant screen choice, which is where the Screen Innovations Black Diamond Screen comes in.

Screen Innovations’ Black Diamond

Black Diamond projector screens are made using materials that deliver an unbeatable visual experience in almost any type of environment, regardless of the lighting conditions. The screens make use of technology that rejects ambient lighting, thereby eliminating the need for a dark entertainment space. This means that, unlike with other projection screens on the market, you can enjoy your favourite movie in just about any lighting conditions.  Paired with the correct projector, you are able to achieve a massive 120″ UHD, 4K picture quality screen.

The features that allow Black Diamond screens to remove ambient light, also prevent so-called ‘light-spill’ – that being the light that reflects from your screen and bounces back off of ceilings and walls, again adding to the extreme quality of this screen.

Black Diamond screens are without a doubt the best that money can buy! Invest in one of these beauties, and we guarantee absolute high-quality picture perfection.

The combination of a JVC projector and a Screen Innovations Black Diamond Screen is guaranteed to give you the viewing experience that the film makers intended.

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