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Parasound – Value For Money And A Whole Lot More

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Parasound – Value For Money And A Whole Lot More


High-Quality Parasound Amps

As an organization pride themselves on finding the sweet spot between the price of their products and diminishing returns on quality. Value for money is a core principle of the business, as is providing high-quality products for their clients to enjoy.

Parasound pride themselves on the customer-centric nature of their business, given that the majority of their clients are not trust-fund babies, and have had to work hard for their money, they endeavor to make that money go as far as possible.

If you want to get the best out of your Home Cinema equipment, it is essential to ensure that you are making use of a high-current, good quality amplifier that will drive your speakers to the best of their ability.

Offering a range of amplifiers, for a broad spectrum of budgets, that can do exactly that.

Halo By Parasound

Halo by this leading brand is their premier product line and marks a new standard for sound and style. Every Halo model has earned unprecedented rave reviews from the top critics in the audio and video industries.

Parasound Z Line Amplifier

ZoneMaster, Parasound’s new line of high-performance amplifiers for custom installation combine legendary Parasound Class AB sound quality with the most reliable Class D power modules in the industry. Every model in the line is unconditionally stable at two ohms, with bridged power up to 200 watts and unprecedented versatility. ZoneMaster is a new standard in residential and commercial amplification.

Parasound Z is a line of ultra-compact components with unique features to solve many of your custom installation problems. They provide true high-end performance where space is tight and are a favorite for desktop listening.

Finally, NewClassic is a fresh interpretation of the classic designs that have earned top reviews and Parasound customer allegiance for over 25 years. NewClassic models deliver maximum “bang for the buck” performance and reliability.

When you choose this leading brand you’re getting uncompromised quality, and Sound X Perience is proud to be associated with a business that is focussed on the end-user as much as we are.

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