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Lutron – 2019’s Very Best Lighting System

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Lutron – 2019’s Very Best Lighting System


Are you in the market for something a little different, something, a little extra – a lighting system that does more than just automatically switch on and off? Well then, Lutron is what you have been looking for.

Lutron, new to the South African market, is a stand-alone lighting system, but with a little extra pizazz; a little touch of class that sets it apart from its competitors.

This mid to high-end Lighting Automation system offers something for everyone – mid-spectrum, cost-effective lighting solutions, as well as more tailored, high-end solutions for those seeking a little extra je ne sais quoi for their homes.

This phenomenal system can be installed as a stand-alone Lighting Automation system, or as part of a more detailed Home Automation system, and can be tailored to suit the individual needs of clients. Blinds, curtains, shading and HVAC climate control systems can be programmed to work along with the Lutron system to ensure a home works optimally for its owner.

Lutron systems can also be programmed to assist with the energy efficiency of a home, by controlling the amount of light used from the sun, in conjunction with lights and automated shades, to minimise the greenhouse effect, thus saving money on the home’s heating and cooling HVAC systems.

Lutron Commercial Solutions

Lutron also offers incomparable Commercial solutions. One such solution is its unique Sunlight tracking, which allows only a pre-determined amount of light into a room, thus minimising the glare experienced by staff.

Building occupancy information can also be obtained by the system to enable building managers to better understand the use of space within the building, allowing for more optimal utilisation of said space.

Lutron also offers motion detected lighting, which enables building managers to keep the power consumption of a space to a minimum, by ensuring that unoccupied rooms do not remain lit unnecessarily.  Shades, blinds and curtains can also be integrated to save on climate control heating and cooling costs.

If you have multiple commercial sites – Lutron systems can also be viewed and monitored remotely with enterprise software, ensuring complete control and peace of mind.

Sound X Perience is proud to be an Approved Lutron Dealer, and we are excited to introduce this unique product to our client base. Lutron offers something for everyone and should definitely be considered as part of your 2019 Home Automation plans.

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