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Monitor Audio and The British Bid 2019

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Monitor Audio and The British Bid 2019

You know you have made it when the BBC themselves publish an advertising feature focussing on your business. Well, clearly, Monitor Audio has made it!

We at Sound X Perience certainly did not need anyone out there to tell us about this awesome brand – we know them, we have worked with them, and we trust them. But it sure is nice to have that opinion validated from across the globe.

Monitor Audio’s rise in the audio industry was recently featured on a programme created by The British Bid – a global brand set up to highlight the best of all things British – and published on the BBC’s website.

The video features various highly placed Monitor Audio staffers talking with passion about the brand that they have created, and the partnership they have entered into with Roksan, a British manufacturing company known for its influential and innovative design of HiFi equipment.

In the feature, owner and chairman of Monitor Audio, Steve Flat discusses the company’s ability to adapt to the needs of their clients. Ultimately, he says, Customer loyalty is what will see the company through an unknowable future.

Monitor Audio has been in existence for more than 40 years, and prides themselves on producing ultra-discrete, high-quality sound throughout a home, and outside environment.

At Sound X Perience, Monitor Audio is one of our favourite brands – evident by our obsession with our very own Monitor Audio in-store showroom (Click Here To See It) . If you are interested in a Monitor Audio system, which you so should be, then book a consultation with us, and come hear for yourself the awesomeness in action.

Want to know more about Monitor Audio’s British Bid feature? Click here to watch it in full.


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